The new Apple iPad Pro has the biggest screen size in the history of iPad. It was much easy to place your iPad Air or iPad mini on the table, couch, bed or anywhere else in home or office. But same is not the case with iPad Pro; you might need to have a separate resting place for it.

We have already made a roundup of best iPad Pro folio cases, and now we have handpicked some of the best iPad Pro stands. The list is not sorted on the basis of ranks; they are all random, so feel free to cruise around.

Best iPad Pro Stands

Best iPad Pro Stands

#1. INI

INI iPad Pro Stand

Let's start the list with something basic and simple. If you are looking for a stand that just holds your iPad Pro, then INI stand is a perfect choice. Crafted from aluminum and has rubber on its base, makes it strong and reliable. There are tiny holes on its back that helps to manage charging or data transfer cables neatly. As said earlier, it is completely made from aluminum, and so you won't be able to adjust any different angels.

Price: $39.99 [$23.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.] Buy it from Amazon

#2. Omoton

OMOTON iPad Pro Stand

Omoton stand for iPad Pro is an advanced version of INI. Omoton stand is also made from aluminum and has rubber on its foot that makes it steady and reliable. It is very lightweight and can be easily carried. The only thing that differentiates Omoton from INI is that Omoton features 270-degree rotation options. This means you can easily set your iPad Pro to a comfortable viewing angle. Lastly, it is very much friendly on your wallet as well.

Price: $24.81 on Amazon while we are writing this.
Buy it from Amazon

#3. Prop ‘n Go Slim

Prop n Go Slim iPad Pro Stand

The name might look a little childish, but the stand is highly useful and comfortable. It has a cushion at the bottom instead of aluminum. This makes this stand usable anywhere; you can have it on your lap or on your chest to work while sleeping. Apart from that, there are 14 easy adjustable angles to fit your position. It is a little pricey, but if you are looking for comforts, this stand has the perfect answer.

Price: $39.95 [$37.95 on Amazon while we are writing this.] Buy it from Amazon

#4. Levo G2

Levo G2 Stand for iPad Pro

One more from the Levo family, unlike the one we discussed earlier, this one does not have wheels. It is very lightweight, which makes it possible to move it around the house or in office. You'll not need to look down to your iPad Pro, which might cause pain in spines. Give your back and neck some rest with Levo G2. Talking about features, you can adjust its height, angles, and positions very easily. Lastly, it is much cheaper compare to its other model.

Price: $110.99 [$96.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] Buy it from Amazon

#5. TechMatte

TechMatte iPad Pro Stand

TechMatte stand for iPad Pro is perfect if you looking for something to work on. You can easily rest your iPad Pro without worrying of any falls. There are many different viewing angels available, up to 270 degrees. The structure of stand is made from aluminum, which is strong and also light in weight. The holder part has got firm grip liners that won't let your iPad Pro move here and there. Above all, it's pretty light weight on your wallet as well.

Price: $29.99 [$12.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.] Buy it from Amazon

#6. Tablift

Tablift Stand for iPad Pro

Unlike the above stands, where you require even surface; this one can be used in almost any kind of surface. It can easily fit your iPad Pro, with just one condition; it should not be having any case on it. Now the impressive part is that the legs of this stand can be folded easily which makes it highly compact to carry or store. It is not cheap but worth it.

Price: $50.00 [$40.00 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] Buy it from Amazon

#7. Belkin

Belkin iPad Pro Stand

Belkin does not need any introduction; the company has earned enough goodwill in accessory industry. This stand from Belkin is one of the best iPad Pro stands. You can access your iPad camera as there is sufficient space in the back. You can give video presentation; use your iPad even with a case and many other features. All in all, it is a stand, a table, and a presentation gadget.

Price: $99.99 [$88.20 on Amazon while we are writing this.] Buy it from Amazon

#8. Thought Out

Thought Out Stand for iPad Pro

Thought Out stand is the bit expensive with limited customization option. But price can be justified because of the build quality. The stand is made in the USA with solid steel. It is a typical stand that will enhance the ambiance of your office. You won't be able to adjust any angels on this stand, but you can manually rotate from landscape to portrait or vice versa. There's enough space to rest your keyboard as well. Lastly, you can use this stand even with a skin or case on your iPad Pro.

Price: $89.99 [$82.99 on Amazon while writing this] 
Buy it from Amazon

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