Best 12.9-inch iPad Pro Stands [2020 Edition]: Designed to Offer Optimal Viewing Angle

Whenever I want to transform my 12.9-inch iPad Pro into a super handy desktop, I like to use a stand that not just holds the tablet securely but also provides optimal viewing angle. Personally, I prefer the ones that can be seamlessly adjusted for more comfortable viewing. The other notable quality I make sure to see in a tablet stand is the solid build-up and portable design. Considering all these essential features, I have made a premier list of the best 12.9-inch iPad Pro stands that can immaculately serve all of your specific needs!

Created with the finest aluminum material, these stands feature adorable design. They provide optimum viewing angles; allowing you to adjust your tablet without any hassle. Even better, these suave tablet stands allow you to manage cables neatly. Enough praise, let’s dive right in to explore 12.9-inch iPad Pro stands!

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Best 12.9-inch iPad Pro Stands [2020 Edition]

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#1. Twelve South ParcSlope

Twelve South 12.9-inch iPad Pro Stand

ParcSlope features a low-profile design and tilts your tablet perfectly to provide a perfect viewing angle. It has a top silicone ridge to let you keep Apple Pencil. Made of high-grade aluminum, this tablet stand can last long. The open wedge design improves cooling and airflow.

Neat cable management enhances user experience. Twelve South ParcSlope comes in two color options like silver and black.

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USP: Neck-Friendly
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#2. Stouch

Stouch iPad Pro Stand

It’s the ergonomic design that has made me want Stouch. High-grade aluminum construction endows its durability. The non-slip pad ensures the stand remains stable while holding your iPad Pro.

With 270° rotation onboard, you will have a more convenient viewing angle. Hence, your eyes won’t feel fatigued even after a marathon run of movie times or long video chat.

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USP: High-grade aluminum construction
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#3. Lebbest

Lebbest iPad Pro 12.9-inch Stand

Lebbest has got all the qualities of your adorable tablet stand. The one quality that you would really admire in this stand is the 360° viewing angle. That means you can prop up your iPad at any angle to liven up your media time.

Built-in top-quality aluminum, it’s got a refined design that can get along with any decors. The bracket can be easily extended to fit your large tablet. With a secure locking mechanism, it immaculately holds the tablet.

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USP: Ergonomic design
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#4. Comsoon

Comsoon iPad Pro 9.7, 10.5, and 12.9-inch Stand

If low-budget but very user-friendly tablet stand is on your hit list, you should keep Comsoon in mind. Aerospace aluminum has given it the strength to last long, while the smooth finish has enhanced its design.

Silicone cushion pad ensures your iPad has the needed protection from scratch. Besides, the soft pad also doesn’t let the tablet slide. You can place your iPad both horizontally and vertically to enjoy videos.

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USP: Silicone cushion pad
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#5. Viozon

Viozon 12.9-inch iPad Pro Stand

What makes Viozon iPad Pro stand a tailor-made choice is the 360-degree rotatable. It’s designed to offer a perfect viewing angle. The tablet stand is prepared with the top quality aluminum alloy material.

CNC precision machining coupled with the bead-blasted finish, it has a solid profile. Silicone feet keep the stand steady. The ideal cable management further enhances its look.

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USP: 360-Degree Rotatable
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#6. AboveTEK

AboveTEK iPad Pro 9.7, 10.5, and 12.9-inch Stand

AboveTEK is one of the finest iPad Pro stands I have ever come across. It features a sleek design topped by the impressive finish. Thanks to the urbane looking design, you would like to use in your office.

You can ideally adjust your tablet to your desired angle for an improved viewing experience. It firmly holds iPad thanks to the advanced locking system. Besides, there is a neat cutout to prevent cable clutters.

USP: Sleek design
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#7. MoKo

MoKo 12.9-inch iPad Pro Stand

Simplicity is a key aspect of MoKo. As this tablet stand is foldable, you will be able to comfortably carry it. You can put your iPad both in portrait and landscape modes to liven up your media watching experience.

It has screws on both the sides that enable to hold your device impeccably. The rubber skin cover steel pole safeguards your device from scratch.

USP: Minimal design
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#8. Lamicall

Lamicall iPad Pro 12.9-inch Stand

The one quality that makes Lamicall stand a good deal is the ability to provide multiple viewing angles. Based on your comfort, you can effortlessly adjust your tablet to enjoy watching videos at the preferred angle.

Hard-wearing construction can withstand drops and doesn’t allow scratch to harm its look. Rubber pads bring stability into the play. What’s more, this solid tablet stand comes in three ninice-lookingolors such as, gray, black and silver.

USP: Multiple viewing angles
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#9. Omoton

OMOTON iPad Pro Stand

Omoton iPad Pro stand ticks off all the boxes required to live up to the task. The first quality that makes it so adorable is the user-friendly design that offers multi-angles to rev up viewing. It can be rotated up to 225-degree, which is pretty decent.

The sticky base keeps the stand steady, while the anti-scratch silicone pad offers the pivotal comfort to your iPad. As it comes in six colors, you have enough options to select a better match.

USP: Nano-absorption material
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#10. Portefeuille

Portefeuille iPad Pro 9.7, 10.5, and 12.9-inch Stand

Simplicity is the main aspect of Portefeuille. The stand takes care of all of your needs admirably thanks to the ability to provide better viewing angles and holding your iPad flawlessly.

It has a side circular cutout to let you manage the cable neatly. Rubber pads safeguard the tablet from the scrape, while the non-slip feet keep it stable. Additionally, Portefeuille is compatible with devices having 4-13 inches in size.

USP: Rubber pads for protection from scratch
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#11. Levo G2

Levo G2 Stand for iPad Pro

One more from the Levo family, unlike the one we discussed earlier, this one does not have wheels. It is very lightweight, which makes it possible to move it around the house or in the office. You’ll not need to look down to your iPad Pro, which might cause pain in spines. Give your back and neck some rest with Levo G2. Talking about features, you can adjust its height, angles, and positions very easily. Lastly, it is much cheaper compare to its other model.

USP: Adjustable height
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#12. TechMatte

TechMatte iPad Pro Stand

TechMatte holds your tablet both in landscape and portrait modes. You can comfortably rotate your device to have a more convenient viewing angle. The robust aluminum body is topped with the matte finish.

Anti-skid bottom remains steady while holding your iPad. Furthermore, this rugged stand comes in two color options like rose gold and silver.

USP: 270 degrees of rotation
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#13. Tablift

Tablift Stand for iPad Pro

Unlike the above stands, where you require even surface; this one can be used in almost any kind of surface. It can easily fit your iPad Pro, with just one condition; it should not be having any case on it. Now the impressive part is that the legs of this stand can be folded easily which makes it highly compact to carry or store. It is not cheap but worth it.

USP: Flexible Legs
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#14. iKross

iKross iPad Pro 9.7, 10.5, and 12.9-inch Stand

If you wish to have a very handy recipe holder stand for your iPad, you must not miss out iKross. The stand features a fully adjustable bracket that can be extended from 6 to 8.7 inches to accommodate a number of tablets with 7 -13 inch.

With multiple mounting options make it immensely user-friendly. And yes, there is also 360-degree rotation for providing optimum viewing experience. Besides, you can install and remove the iPad without any trouble.

USP: Fully adjustable bracket
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#15. Belkin

Belkin iPad Pro Stand

Belkin does not need any introduction; the company has earned enough goodwill in the accessory industry. This stand from Belkin is one of the best iPad Pro stands. It can be smoothly adjusted to have an optimal viewing angle.

You can fold the stand into a more compact package to easily carry it. Even better, you will convert it into a handy stage to liven up your presentation. More significantly, this stand works with most tablets and smartphones.

USP: Compatible with Most Tablets
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Your Pick?

Which one of these tablet stands is going to be the trusted companion of your iPad? Let us know its name and the quality that has caught your eyes.

The biggest highlight of these stands is the solid build-up and rich workmanship. Made of top-notch aluminum material, they are designed to last long. Besides, they tilt your iPad perfectly so that you can watch media in the preferred angle.

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