How to Close All Safari Tabs Except the Existing One on Mac

When there are many tabs opened on Safari browser, your Mac begins to perform weirdly. It becomes unresponsive and consumes a lot of battery. You can close all Safari tabs except for the current one by following three different methods.

Multiple tabs on your Mac create an impression that you are a workaholic. When your boss comes for his/her morning trip in the office, s/he will surely pat your back for working on so many tabs simultaneously. But soon you realize that all those opened tabs have slowed down your Mac as you begin to face some glitches or unresponsiveness of your Mac. You wish you could close all Safari tabs except for the one you are working on.

Instead of exploring your Safari browser, check this guide to shut all unnecessary tabs at once. It is possible in three different ways; you can use your mouse or shortcut keys to close all Safari tabs leaving the one you are working on. Let’s move on…

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How to Close All Safari Tabs Except Current One on Mac

Before you close all Safari tabs on your Mac, make sure you are not logged in anywhere i.e. Gmail, Facebook etc. Now you are all set to get rid of all Safari tabs barring the active tab.

#1. Using Right-click

Not everyone can remember shortcuts to close all Safari tabs saving the current tab. If you belong to this brigade, you can use the right-click method to close all Safari tabs.

Step #1. From the multiple tabs, select the one you want to keep open.

Step #2. Now, right-click on the tab with your mouse or trackpad. If you don’t want to right-click, hold the Control key and click the tab.

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Step #3. A drop-down menu appears there with some options: Pin Tab, Close Tab, Close Other Tabs, and Move Tab To New Window. You need to click on Close Other Tabs from that menu.

Close Other Tabs Except Current One in Safari on Mac

All the other tabs, except for the active one, will be closed on your Safari browser.

#2. Using Option Key + X

This is a second trick to close all Safari tabs except for the one. You are not supposed to use any keyboard shortcut; you have to use the mouse and keyboard.

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Step #1. Click on the Safari tab you want to keep open.

Step #2. Hold the Option () key on your keyboard and click the close (X) icon seen on the left side of your Safari tab.

Close Other Tabs Except Existing Tab in Safari on Mac

This will shut down all the tabs other than the one you are using on Safari.

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Close Tabs in Safari on Mac

#3. Keyboard Shortcut

Step #1. Select the tab you want to keep open in Safari browser.

Step #2. Now press Option(⌥)+ Command(⌘)+W. This will close all the other tabs on your Safari. It goes without saying that it will not shut the tab you are working on.

That’s all friends!

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Summing up…

Closing Safari tabs all at once and leaving the one, which is active, is a way of saving your time. For users, who are in the habit of working on too many tabs, this method is a perfect solution to stop your laptop from consuming battery.

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