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How to create Live Stickers in iOS 17 on iPhone

Apple keeps improving its iOS with many features over time, and the same applies to iOS 17. Apple brought many improvements to Messages in iOS 16, and Apple extended those improvements with new features on iOS 17. One such feature of iOS 17 is Live Stickers.

You might wonder how different Live Stickers are from regular stickers and if they’re any better. In this guide, I’ll discuss and demonstrate how to make Live Stickers in iOS 17 on iPhone.

What are Live Stickers in iOS 17?

Live Stickers lets you touch and hold an object in Photos to turn it into a Live Sticker. iOS 16 added the option to lift a subject from the background in a photo; iOS 17 utilizes the same feature for the Live Stickers. Moreover, you can create an animated sticker with a Live Photo.

Live Stickers in iOS 17

You can choose from various effects like Shiny, Comic, Puffy, and Outline, allowing you to personalize them.

How to make Live Stickers in iOS 17

You can create Live Stickers from the Messages app or the Photos app. I’ll show you both methods so you can use whichever you find easier.

Method 1: Messages app

  1. Open a conversation in the Messages app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the Plus (+) button on the left of the text box → Select Stickers.
  3. Tap the Plus (+) option under the Stickers tab.

    Add Live Stickers in Message App on iPhone
  4. Select the photo you want to convert as a Live Sticker → Tap Add Sticker to add the Live Sticker to your Stickers tab.
    If you don’t want an animated version of the Sticker, tap the Live option on the top left.
  5. Once done, you can access them from the Stickers menu under the Plus (+) button in Messages to send them to your contacts.
    • To add effects, you can long-press the newly created sticker and select the Add Effect option from the mini pop-up.
    • Select the effect you want and tap Done to save it.

      Add effects on Stickers

Method 2: Photos app

  1. Launch the Photos app → Open the photo you want to use as a Live Sticker.
  2. Tap and hold the subject in the picture. A small pop-up menu appears over the subject, and select Add Sticker from the pop-up, and it’ll turn into a sticker.

    Create stickers from Photos App

The newly-created sticker will be added to Stickers tab.

Again, you can long-press the newly created sticker and select the Add Effect option from the mini pop-up to add effects. Select the effect you want and tap Done to save it.

Where can you use Live Stickers on iPhone?

It’s apparent that you can use Live Stickers in the Messages app. However, you can use it in third-party apps like Snapchat, photos, screenshots, PDFs, emails, and more. Since Live Stickers are available system-wide, you can use them almost anywhere, provided more developer(s) of third-party apps add support for them.

Use Live Stickers on iPhone

Furthermore, Live Stickers will be available on your Mac running macOS Sonoma or later and iPad running iPadOS 17 or newer, besides your iPhone. And the Live Stickers you create on your iPhone will also sync with your other Apple devices.


Live Stickers on iOS 17 is a great way to create funny stickers of anyone, including pets, your favorite characters, friends, and more, to add fun to your conversations. But you can use them system-wide apart from just conversations. Let me know if you made some for yourself in the comments below.

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