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Best iPhone cleaner apps in 2024 (Free and Paid)

It’s essential to have a good iPhone cleaner app to stay organized and get rid of junk. If you no longer need any of your contacts, files, photos, or videos on your phone, it can be overwhelming to keep track of everything.

In my experience, the “Storage Full” warning is one of the most irritating things, especially when shooting photos or videos. Fortunately, you can keep your iPhone running optimally by using these best iPhone cleaner apps.

Best cleaner apps for iPhone

1. Cleaner for iPhone: Editor’s choice

Cleaner for iPhone app for iOS

With the Cleaner for iPhone app, you can easily and quickly clean up photos, videos, and contacts from your phone. The process is really simple thanks to its user-friendly interface. Regarding pictures, this app can identify and delete similar or duplicates, screenshots, selfies, blurred, burst, and live photos from your iPhone.

However, with the “Fast Clean” button, you can remove all of these images with just two taps. Furthermore, this cleaner app also has a contact management app that lets you merge or delete multiple contacts on your iPhone. If you have duplicate phone numbers, names, and emails on your iPhone, the Cleaner for iPhone will let you merge them and then take up your space.

Also, you can delete all or multiple contacts from this cleaner app, something which is not possible from your iPhone. An amazing function of the Cleaner for iPhone lets you keep a backup of your contacts on iCloud before you merge or delete any contacts.

It also boasts a storage status dashboard that displays how much space is left on your iPhone. And how much of this storage is because of your photos or videos. These visual stats will help you make decisions to optimize your iPhone storage.

Moreover, you can clean videos from your iPhone. With filters such as size and date, you can remove videos that you don’t want. Overall, Cleaner for iPhone is the best app to clean your iPhone storage.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $2.99)


2. Clean My Photos

Clean My Photos app for iPhone

It is quite a task to clean all the unnecessary files from iPhone, so the Clean My Photos app has stepped in to address the issue and brought a simple and minimal UI with tiles dedicated to each feature provided within the app.  

On booting the app for the first time, you will be asked to do a full scan to detect the files. After allowing the process, you will be able to get detailed data on what is occupying your valuable iPhone storage.  

This app scans for duplicate photos, videos, and contacts, helping you to delete useless iPhone cache data. The scanning process is quite fast and shows all the unnecessary files to delete. And if you want to customize it, there’s an option for that too.

Apart from ensuring that you get the maximum storage space on your iPhone, this app also gives you tips to improve your iPhone’s battery life, which is a plus. Oh, and did I mention the Private Vault? Yes! This app comes with that too. You can also lock the app for further protection, preventing anyone other than you from accessing the app.  

And how much do all these features cost? You will be surprised to know that it’s available for free!

Price: Free


3. Smart Cleaner

Smart Cleaner iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Try this app for a straightforward and effective way to clean up the photos and contacts on your iPhone. When you open it, you have the option of smart cleaning or manual cleaning. Smart cleaning will quickly get rid of duplicate content and screenshots. In contrast, manual cleaning gives you more control over what categories of files you want to delete, whether within photos and videos or contacts.

The interface is easy to understand and guides you toward achieving whatever cleaning task you need to get done. It analyses your phone’s storage to show you what can be deleted and then lets you choose if you want to proceed. Further, it shows you your duplicate and incomplete contacts so that you can take control and organize your list. It’s a breeze to merge, backup, and fast delete contacts.

One notable aspect is that, similar to photo vault apps, it offers you a secret space to securely store private media and contacts that you don’t want to be visible in your contact list. You can even organize photos by place and conveniently get rid of all photos taken in one location.

What I appreciate most is the clean interface in minimalist white and blue colors without any intrusive ads or paywalls. Of course, you need to subscribe to enjoy the full range of features.

You can also perform the Smart Cleaning function via Siri or Shortcuts that adds to the speed and convenience.

Price: Free (Premium starts at $4.99)


4. Cleaner Pro

Cleaner Pro iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This one is a dedicated app to handle duplicate contacts, and it works like a charm. The intuitive interface and clear instructions make it easy for anyone to use it in an instant and organize their contacts.

Why would you need to use this? Well, having the same address book for years, switching devices, and importing contacts from other sources can all cause duplication of contacts or mess up your list. This can get a bit too much to handle, and it’s wise to keep your contacts cleaned up for easy navigation.

For such situations, this handy tool helps you filter your contacts, merge or delete duplicates, and even safely undo any changes you make. If you’re like me and snuggling with thousands of contacts accumulated over the years, this app is a must-try to get things in order. The best part is that it is absolutely free and available in fifteen languages.

Price: Free


5. Boost Cleaner

Boost Cleaner iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This is another excellent cleaner app that allows a fast, clean option to clear up your photos or videos and a manual cleaning option that shows you the content that can be cleaned, such as screenshots and duplicates.

It offers features like remove duplicate photos or large videos, merge duplicate contacts, backup contacts. You can perform these actions with just a touch, which adds to your daily convenience and keeps your device free of clutter.

The app also gives you a clear picture of how much storage you have left at any point. It’s a breeze to use and gets the job done effectively. Plus, it boasts two additional options, namely an ad blocker and a network speed test. The ad blocker is handy to get rid of annoyances when browsing on Safari.

Price: Free ($9.99 for Monthly Subscription)


6. Slidebox Photo Manager

Slidebox Photo Manager iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This is a minimalist app that’s a must for managing and organizing your photos. It shows you all of your unsorted photos, and you can choose the name of the album you want to put them in. Further, you can just swipe up to delete or left to skip it.

You can also view your albums on a separate screen so that it’s easy to move photos into different albums or put one photo into multiple albums simultaneously. It also makes a great alternative to Google Photos if you opt for the in-app purchase to get storage.

If you love taking photos and your gallery is cluttered like mine, this app will be a welcome relief and help you organize your photos in the most effortless way. Try it to believe it and free up tons of space on your phone.

Price: Free ($7.99 for Premium)


7. Gemini Photos: Gallery Cleaner

Gemini Photos Cleaner iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Here’s a super-smart photo cleaner app that suggests to you which are the best photos to keep. It can detect what you seem to prefer, photos with good focus, faces, smiles, open eyes instead of closed ones, etc. This makes your job easier as you don’t need to examine each picture among a group of similar ones to decide which is most worth keeping.

Further, it helps you manage the clutter of screenshots, exact duplicates, photos of text, etc. Go through every media file you have and use swipe gestures to keep it or delete it. This interface adds to the appeal of using the app and helps you clean up on-the-go.

Moreover, it has an extra feature known as the Photo Radar that prevents a future build-up of media by cleaning on the go. So you’ll never see the “Storage Full” pop-up warning again. Pretty nifty!

Price: Free ($4.99 for Monthly Premium)


8. Cleanup App – Phone Cleaner

Cleanup App for Phone Cleaner

Packed with an array of features that will effectively optimize and clean your device, the Cleanup App is a notable consideration. This app combines a user-friendly interface with powerful cleaning tools to remove junk files, clear cache, and free up valuable storage space on your iPhone.

It thoroughly scans your device’s storage system, intelligently identifying unnecessary files and outdated data that may be slowing down your phone’s performance. Additionally, this app seamlessly safeguards your data with Passcode Protection.

Specifically, the Cleanup App preserves important files while removing duplicates and unwanted items. Using this app regularly can significantly enhance the speed and efficiency of your iPhone while ensuring its security.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $4.99)


Say no to clutter with the best iPhone cleaner apps

I hope these apps have been as effective at cleaning up your iPhone as they were for me. Did you run into any issues? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll do my best to help you out. Or, if you have any other app suggestions, I would love to hear about them too! You might also like to check out the best file manager apps that help you stay organized. Cheers to a clutter-free phone!

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