The stock Photos app for iPhone has seen huge improvement recently with the addition of quite a few neat features like Markup. However, it still lacks the ability to hide photos or videos perfectly on iOS devices.

Fortunately, there are some cool iPhone photo vault apps. These are apps that will protect your photos with a password – something that the stock photo app can't do. If you no longer want your personal photos to remain vulnerable to intruders or prying eyes, try out these photo vault apps to block the unauthorized access.

Best Password Protected Photo Apps for iPhone

Best Photo Vault iPhone Apps

#1. Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault iPhone App Icon“Private Photo Vault” is one of the best photography apps. It lets you protect your photos using passwords or pattern. You can create a separate album in the app and be able to manage your pics, share them via message and email.

Just like the Photos app, it makes a slideshow of your memorable photos. You can easily import and export videos and watch them on your device. With the private web browser, you can download images directly in the app.

Price: Free

#2. Lock Photos Album & Videos

Lock Photos Album & Video.s Safe iPhone App Icon“Lock Photos Album & Videos” makes it a lot easy to keep your media private. You can comfortably manage your personal images and those cool videos which you had snapped while partying with your beloved friend. That apart, this vault app also lets you keep voice recordings, text messages, documents, notes and more.

You can store and view PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Pages and more. Better still, it supports several file formats such as jpg, png, bmp, mov, pmv, m4v, mp3, wav and more. Using passwords, you will be able to keep your files completely locked.

Price: Free

#3. Photo Lock Vault

Photo Lock Vault iPhone App IconSince “Photo Lock Vault” works as a full-functioning calculator app, no one can even guess that your media is hidden inside it. You have to insert a secret code to access your hidden photos.

You will be able to create and name separate albums to manage all of your stuff as per your best liking. The polished user interface brings more convenience into the play. You can upgrade the app to back up unlimited files, decoy password to open a secondary folder.

Price: Free

#4. Calculator+ Hide Secret Photo

Calculator+ Hide secret photo iPhone App IconThis app works as a smart calculator and also lets you hide your photos and videos as well as other files. You can write and store your private notes. There is also an option to save the contacts which you want to hide from the address book.

Most importantly, it lets you store all of your passwords securely. Browse the web privately and make secret website bookmarks to access them instantly. If you want more than just a photo vault app, this app can be a great option.

Price: Free

#5. Photo Vault- Lock & Hide Private Pictures

Photo Vault iPhone App IconThis one has been primed to deliver the needed security and privacy to your photos. Furthermore, it's equipped to conceal your contacts, notes, and passwords as well.

You can quickly import your photos from Dropbox and Google Drive and keep them in a separate folder to access and manage them more comfortably. The private web browser with pass ID feature lets you browse safely.

Price: Free

#6. Keep Safe Photo Vault

Keep Safe Photo Vault iPhone App IconWith the use of PIN pad, “Keep Safe” lets you hide your photos and videos securely. By creating custom albums, you will be able to manage your media and access it more conveniently. The integrated camera allows you to capture photos right from inside the app.

The slideshow presents your photos in a beautiful way and livens up your unforgettable memory. You can quickly unhide your pictures and share them with your friends via social networking sites.

Price: Free

#7. My Photo Safe Pro

My Photo Safe Pro iPhone App Icon“My Photo Safe Pro” is a top notch photo vault app that offers the required privacy to your images and allows you to manage them in a better way. The dual passwords reinforce the security of your files. You can add multiple photos in one go without any hassle.

It retains the quality of your pics. Third-party cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box provide more options and allow you to keep your pics securely. You can also convert your photos into PDF format.

Price: $0.99

#8. iVault Pro

iVault Pro iPhone App IconThe ability to provide multiple security mechanisms makes “iVault Pro” stands out. You can protect your folder using passwords and even access intruder’s photo and GPS. There is also a smart way to make your pics invisible.

 The file manager lets you handle your stuff comfortably. You can share your files via email, text and upload several photos to Facebook or Twitter at once. It supports multiple photo and video formats such as jpg, gif, png, mov, mp4, mpv, etc.

Price: $2.99

#9. Secret Calculator Vault

Secret Calculator Vault iPhone App IconThis is yet another high-quality photo vault app in the disguise of a calculator app. Though the app primarily hides your pics, it is able to do a good job as a calculator app.

It also hides your contact, notes and other important files. The premium version of the app allows you to add an additional password to empower the security of any album. The real-time alerts inform you who is trying to intrude into your files.

Price: Free

#10. Private Photo Album

Private Photo Album iPhone App Icon“Private Photo Album” can be a superior alternative to the stock Camera app on your iOS device. Aside from letting you snap high-quality photos, it's readied to offer your pics the desired shield to prevent unauthorized access.

The fake password guest mode adds another layer of defense to the protection of your pics. You have absolute freedom to manage your album. As for instance, you can rename any album, delete the one you no longer want and even set album cover. Since it syncs all of your media to your iCloud account, you can access your files from any of your iOS devices and be able to share them with your friends.

Price: Free

Wrapping Up

Make the best use of these photo vault apps to keep your personal stuff securely. They work perfectly in preventing prying eyes from bumping into your photos.

Is any of your favorite app missing from this list? Do let us know that in the comments and stay connected with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to explore more such top lists. Also, make sure to download our app on your iPhone and iPad.

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    For those interested, 1Touch Photo Safe is a new alternative to the above apps. It offers AES 256 encryption, Touch ID support, and allows you to import/export photos from a variety of different sources. Try it out :)