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Best photo vault apps for iPhone in 2024

Let’s accept the fact, we all have certain photos on our iPhones we wouldn’t want anyone to see. While iPhone’s stock Photos app has seen great updates with iOS 14, it still isn’t great enough to shield your hidden album. Thanks to the third-party photo vault apps, you can easily reverse this and secure your private photos and videos.

I’ve listed some of the best photo vault apps for iPhone to hide your photos securely. Let’s dive right in!

  1. Keepsafe
  2. HiddenVault
  3. Secret Photo Album
  4. Safe Lock
  5. Locker
  6. Secret Photos KYMS
  7. Secret Key Lock Album

1. Keepsafe: Best overall photo vault app

Keepsafe Photo Vault app for iPhone

Ever come across a vault that protects your photos in two-way encryption? Lucky for you, our best photo vault on the list offers that. A feature-rich photo vault for iPhone and iPad, Keepsafe safeguards your virtual keepsakes seamlessly.

The user interface is relatively easy to understand, making the scrolling quite a treat to watch. The best part is that the app lets you share images and folders secretly, ensuring their safety. I tried sharing a photo album, and I was super impressed with the discretion. 

Keepsafe automatically compresses photos and saves them to the cloud. This ensures more extensive storage in its cloud document, letting you keep up to 10,000 photos in the vault. Moreover, just like your iPhones, KeepSafe offers trash recovery to restore the deleted pictures you may have deleted accidentally. It is by far the best photo vault I have come across.


  • Images and folder sharing
  • Up to 10,000 images in cloud storage
  • Access only through the App library


  • Privacy comes with a price

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $4.99)


2. HiddenVault: Effectiveness in simplicity

HiddenVault Secret Photo Album app for iPhone

HiddenVault does exactly what you want a photo vault app to do: store your private photos behind a wall of encryption. It’s extremely easy to use, features a pleasing UI, and has a few additional bells and whistles.

Just open HiddenVault, set your passcode, create an album, tap the plus icon in the top right, select the photo(s) you want to hide and insert them into the folder. Now you have a set of hidden images with a passcode only you know. Select the Feature tab at the top to preview the pictures in a larger format.

HiddenVault also allows you to store passwords in the Password Vault, keep track of private bookmarks in the Bookmarks tab, create a Decoy Vault to display a fake photo vault when a certain passcode is entered and customize folders by changing or hiding the cover photo.


  • Quick setup process, easy to use
  • Appealing UI
  • Included password manager and bookmark saver
  • Clever Decoy Vault feature
  • Built-in Private Browser


  • Some features aren’t available to free users

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $2.99)


3. Secret Photo Album: Secrecy at its best


Secret Photo Album is one of the best apps to hide pictures and videos on the iPhone. A feature-rich app, this one has the flexibility you need to protect your pictures. Let me explain how.

The app gives you the liberty to set both PIN code and Face Touch/Id as security, ensuring twice the security to your vault. Of course, the stored pictures are encrypted, which goes without saying. 

If someone tries to break into your vault, the app will automatically lock the screen after three unsuccessful attempts, making intrusion impossible. 

You don’t need to download the videos to watch them in full screen; the app lets you stream videos, keeping your privacy protected. You can also use the app’s in-built in-camera to click pictures and shoot videos, thereby reducing your iPhone’s camera dependency. Don’t forget to customize the UI with different color themes to improve the aesthetics. 


  • Double password protection
  • In-built video streaming
  • Record content from the app


  • Resetting the pin once you are locked out is challenging

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99)


4. Safe Lock: One-stop privacy app


This is not just a photo vault app for iPhone; Safe Lock is much much more than that. It also protects and manages your important documents, apart from photos and videos, paving the way to hide all your secrets. 

Safe Lock has some crazy features out there, like Wi-Fi transfer, anti-theft break-in reports, slideshow viewing, and also a secret camera (shh- it comes with a zoom option) that makes it a handy vault. 

The app provides various passwords for your data protection; choose the one that suits you the best. You can set Touch ID, Face ID, dot lock, passcode, and alphabetical password to protect your data. I find Face ID the most secure one. However, you should pick the one that suits you the best. 

Safe Box comes with many cloud options to safeguard your photos and videos, namely Dropbox, Google Drive, Disk, iCloud, and Yandex. Exporting files from these Cloud services hardly takes a minute. The app’s versatility lies in its customization. Choose the app icons, however, to add your personalized touch.

All in one app, y’all, it works best for the people who don’t want multiple apps for safeguarding their data. 


  • Save documents
  • Multiple cloud support
  • Variety of lock options
  • Customizable app icon


  • Good features are paid

Price: Free (In-app purchases starts from $4.99)


5. Locker – Photo Vault & App Lock: Best for multipurpose


Another multitasker in the list, Locker, indeed, is a banger. The app lets you secure photos, videos, notes, apps as well as important files. Since it stores more than just photos and videos, it organizes things in a way that your protected content is easy to find. 

Locker has multiple options to safeguard your content. You can either set up a password or use your Face ID or Touch ID. Now, here is a fun element; Locker lets you hide apps as well! No kidding!

With the free version, you can hide up to three apps, whereas with the premium version, your discretion is unlimited. I suggest going for the premium version, as the updated cloud storage is pretty kickass.


  • Lets you hide apps
  • Affordable lifetime plan
  • Multiple options for password
  • Write notes from the app


  • Data recovery is difficult if you lose your password

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $0.99)


6. Secret Photos KYMS: Most secure app to hide visuals


Now here is an app that secures your photos and videos and adds a password to your password. Using Secret Photos KYMS, you can protect your photos, videos, documents, contacts, passwords, as well as tasks. Talk about the Notion-Photo Vault crossover! 

The app ensures twice the security, forcing you to have a PIN followed by an alphanumeric password for added security. You can also set up a Touch ID or Face ID instead of the alphanumeric password. Once you set up your accounts, you can add photos and videos from your library, camera, and iTunes. You can also add your passwords and browse the net safely. 

You will have to invest a little bit in experiencing the app at its best. The paid app lets you import existing contacts, create To-Dos, store your card details and encrypt audio messages. Talk about a $1.99 well spent!


  • Store passwords within the app
  • Encrypted audio messages and private to-dos
  • Double password protection 


  • Problem viewing videos through in-app browsing

Price: $1.99


7. Secret Key Lock Album: Secrecy at its best


Now here is an app that lets you protect your iPhone’s images and videos. Just upload them to the app and protect them with your passcode. You can even use Face ID or Touch ID as a password. 

The design is convenient and easy to use, and the best part is that all its features (the good ones) are free. Yes, you don’t have to pay a monthly fee as well if you store more photos. Maybe that’s why it is the number one photo vault app in Japan. 

The app supports multiple video formats, including GIF, Slo-mo, time-lapse, live photos, etc. Sharing photos/videos is also easy, as you can share them with Airdrop, Facebook, Twitter, message, and other supporting apps. It also supports Dropbox. 


  • Easy data transfer
  • Supports multiple file formats
  • Affordable
  • Minimal ads in the free version
  • Impressive UI


  • Cannot edit videos or photos inside the app

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $0.99)


I hope this guide helped you narrow down the best photo vault app for your iPhone. Which one turned out to be the one for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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