The stock photo app on your iPhone is great but one thing that it misses is security. If someone gets into your iPhone (if you don’t have a passcode, that’s easy to do) , it would be very easy to take a look at all the photos in it.

Fortunately, there are some cool iPhone photo vault apps. These are apps that will protect your photos with a password – something that the stock photo app can’t do. Check it out:

Best Password Protected Photo Apps for iPhone

Password-protect Your Photos with Best Photo Vault iPhone Apps

#1. Photo Safe Pro

Photo Safe Pro iPhone App
A great UI interface, password reset and recovery features, and other sharing/transferring the pictures, multi touch photo browsing and many such facilities makes this app one of the best on App store. The app boasts of a 256-bit encryption. This one also features private sharing (device-to-device).

Price: Free
Download Photo Safe Pro

#2. Pick Lock 3 Ultimate Free by i-App Creation Co. Ltd.

Pic Lock 3 Ultimate Free iPhone App

If you are looking to secure your iPhone data, choose Pic Lock 3. It provides high tech protection to your media files, contacts, notes, messages, locations and browsers. Password patterns, anti intruder system, camouflaged home screen and some superb techniques make this app one of the best.

Price: Free
Download Pick Lock 3 Ultimate Free

#3. Secure Photo Storage with Dropbox by Intersog

Secure Photo Storage iPhone App

This simple and user friendly app helps you protect your photos from prying eyes. Just launch the app, set the password and start importing the photos. You can also import scanned documents, formal screenshots and every other normal picture on your iPhone. Make your Dropbox data secure by integrating with this app.

Price: Free
Download Secure Photo Storage

#4. PicSecret

PicSecret iPhone App

You can now protect your photos from real world threats by PicSecret. Accessing the application content is protected by your own password. Keep your photos safe with this amazing app.

Price: Free
Download PicSecret

#5. Photo Manager Pro

Photo Manager Pro iPhone App

Photo Manager Pro is a feature-rich photo album manager app. It’s not designed specifically as a photo vault but one of the features is password-protection. It’s old but it works just fine. What is interesting is that you can passcode lock the whole app, or just individual albums and there’s a way to record attempts at breaking-in.

Price: $2.99
Download Photo Manager Pro

  • Matt P

    For those interested, 1Touch Photo Safe is a new alternative to the above apps. It offers AES 256 encryption, Touch ID support, and allows you to import/export photos from a variety of different sources. Try it out :)