How to Use Memoji on Apple Watch in watchOS 7

how to use memoji on apple watch

The extensive feature list of watchOS 7 incorporates a brand new Memoji app. Thanks to this, you can now design personalized Memoji right from the Apple Watch. Create multiple avatars for different moods, send them in messages, or make them your Watch Face. Interesting right! Let’s learn how to use Memoji in watchOS 7 on Apple Watch.

How to Create Memoji on Apple Watch in watchOS 7

  1. On your Apple Watch, open the Memoji app.
  2. Tap on “+” to make a new Memoji.tap on memoji app and then tap on plus on apple watch
  3. Here you will see a number of options like skin, hair, eyes, etc. Tap on each feature and use the Digital Crown to scroll to choose the preferred option.customize memoji on apple watch
  4. The option chosen will be displayed on your new Memoji. You can also tap on the Meomji to see it’s different expressions.
  5. Once satisfied, tap on Done to add the Memoji to your collection.view expressions and tap on done to create memoji on apple watch in watchos 7

And that’s it! Your personalized Memoji is ready to roll. But that’s not all, you can edit and use the Memoji on Apple Watch, anytime you want and anyhow you want.

How to Edit and Use Memoji in watchOS 7

Edit an Existing Memoji

Open the Memoji app → Tap the Memoji you want to edit → select the feature and use Digital Crown to scroll and choose a variation. Tap on Done to save the changes.

edit existing memoji on apple watch

Duplicate a Memoji

Want to have many variations of your Memoji handy, just duplicate it and make changes accordingly. Open the Memoji app → Tap the Memoji → scroll down to the end → Select Duplicate Memoji.

create duplicate memoji in memoji app on apple watch

Now, open the duplicate Memoji and edit away!

Delete a Memoji

Didn’t like it? Open the Memoji app → Tap the Memoji → scroll down to the end → Select Delete Memoji and get rid of it.

delete memoji on apple watch memoji app

Create a Memoji Watch Face

In the Memoji app, select the Memoji and scroll down to Create Watch Face. Tap on the option and exit the app.

create memoji watch face on apple watch

The Memoji will automatically become your current watch face. If that does not happen, long-press the current watch face, then swipe left to find and select the Memoji watch face.

set memoji as watch face on apple watch

Notably, this watch face will also be added to the iPhone’s Apple Watch app collection. So, you can easily share it from the watch or iPhone.

Use Memoji in Messages on Apple Watch

Launch the Messages app and select the conversation. Tap on the Memoji button the Memoji buttonand choose the image from the Memoji Stickers collection to see its variation. Just tap on the Memoji and it will be sent.

open messages app and tap on memoji button on apple watch
send memoji in messages on apple watch

Signing off

Creating Memoji without needing to use a phone seems like a small yet handy feature. However, if you at the bigger picture and add the new Family Setup feature to the equation, these are all small steps towards a more independent Apple Watch. And that thought excites me quite a lot!

Which watchOS 7 feature are you most excited about, do let us know in the comment section below. We will love to hear from you guys. Further, in case you have any queries regarding Apple Watch or its OS, do share it below, so we could help you troubleshoot it.

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