How to Customize and Share Apple Watch Faces in watchOS 7

One of the impressive features of watchOS 7 is the customization and shareability of watch faces. You can now select multiple complications from any app to personalize your Apple Watch according to your needs and lifestyle. For instance, if you love going for a run, you can set up a dedicated watch face with different stats from your preferred running app. Let’s learn more about this and see how to share Apple Watch faces in watchOS 7.

How Complications are Different in WatchOS 7?

A complication is similar to a widget. It’s a small piece of information available from a specific app on your Apple Watch. Until now, it was only possible for an app to take up a single spot on your watch face. But watchOS 7 allows you to add multiple complications from the same app to view different pieces of information at a glance.

So for instance, if you use the Dawn Patrol app for surfing, you can set up a watch face that shows the water temperature, swell, and wind speed predictions for a beach of your choice.

Or if you’re a new parent, you can see your baby’s feed and nap times from the Glow Baby app on your custom watch face.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to personalizing your watch face with multiple complications from the apps you love using. Moreover, developers will be able to offer preconfigured watch faces that can be downloaded from within apps.

They may be called complications, but they actually simplify your life. Follow the steps below to make the most of them.

How to Set Multiple Complications to Customize Apple Watch Face 

watchOS 7 boasts 3 new watch faces, namely the Chronograph Pro, X-Large face, and the Photos face. To add complications:

  1. Long press the watch face and tap Edit
  2. Swipe to get to the Complications screen
  3. Tap on the spot where you want to add a complication. long press on watch face and tap on edit and swipe to go to complications screen
  4. Use the Digital Crown to scroll through the options to find the app you’re looking for. Select the complication to add to your watch face
  5. Repeat the process to personalize your watch face as you like.set up multiple complications to customize apple watch face

How to Share Apple Watch Faces in watchOS 7

Once you’ve set up a watch face you love, share it with others in three simple steps:

  1. Long press on the watch face
  2. Tap the Share icon.long press on watch face and tap on share on apple watch
  3. Select or add a contact and then press contact and tap on send to share watch face on watchos 7

Summing Up 

Face Share will help everyone discover more and more new ways of using the Apple Watch. What do you think of this feature? Have your say in the comments below.

how to customize and share watch face on apple watch

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how to customize and share watch face on apple watch
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