How to Share Apple Watch Faces in watchOS 7

how to share apple watch face

The latest watchOS 7 lets you effortlessly share watch faces with friends and family via iMessage, email, social media, and chat apps. You can do this directly from the Watch or the paired iPhone. Let me show you how to share your Apple watch faces.

How to Share Watch Face in watchOS 7

From the Apple Watch, you can only share the watch face via iMessage. However, if you use the companion Watch app on the paired iPhone, you can share them via pretty much any medium – like iMessage, WhatsApp, Slack, Telegram, email, social media, and chat apps. You may also save it to the Files app, Dropbox, Drive, etc.

From Apple Watch

  1. Long-press on the current watch face.
  2. Tap on the Share icon next to Edit.
  3. Tap on Add Contact.long press on watch face tap on share and tap on add contact on apple watch
  4. Tap on the desired contact. For this, use touch or the Digital Crown to scroll through a few recent chats. You may also use voice, choose from the contact list, or use the keypad.
  5. Tap on the watch face name (California, in this screenshot).select contact and then tap on watch face in watchos 7 on apple watch
  6. Choose whether you want to include complications without data or do not include the complication at all. Tap Done.
  7. Tap on Create Message.choose option and tap on done then tap on create message on apple watch
  8. Use pre-written texts or type your own.
  9. Finally, scroll down and tap on Send.write message and tap on send to share watch face using apple watch

From Watch App on iPhone

  1. Open the Watch app on your iOS device and tap on My Watch tab.
  2. Under MY FACES, you will see the watch faces. Scroll horizontally view all. Tap on the one you wish to share.
  3. Tap on the Share icon from the top-right.
  4. Choose one of the several options from the Share Sheet. For example, watch face in my watch tab and tap on share then select app in watch app on iphone
  5. Choose a contact and tap Next → contact and tap on send to share apple watch face on iphone

How to Use the Shared Apple Watch Face

If the recipient receives the watch face via iMessage or in the iOS Mail app, tap on the attachment. Next, tap on Add to My Faces. It will be added to your collection. Next, see how to switch to this watch face.

tap on watch face in imessage app and then tap on add to my faces on iphone

However, if the watch face file was sent via WhatsApp, Slack, or third-party medium, you will have to first save it to the Files app (or send the file to yourself via iMessage or Mail app.)

  1. For this, tap on the watch face attachment → Share button → Save to Files → choose a location in iCloud Drive or On My iPhone → Save.tap on watch face attachment and then tap on share in whatsapptap on save to files select location and tap on save on iphone
  2. Now, open the Files app and tap on the watch face file.
  3. Finally, tap on Add to My files app tap on watch face in browse tab and then tap on add to my faces on iphone

Conclusion: If the watch face is received via in-built Apple apps like iMessage, Mail, or AirDrop, the process is effortless. Else, adding it to your collection involves a couple more steps.

Some Important Points of Watch Face

  • If you choose, the complications and other designs are carried over. In case that third-party app complication is unavailable on the receiver’s watch, they get an option to download the app or proceed without that complication.
  • After adding the new shared Watch Face, you are not limited to the set design, colors, style, etc. You can customize it according to your choice
  • When watchOS 7 officially launches this fall, you might get excellent watch faces curated by Apple from the App Store.

Signing off…

This is how you can share, receive, and make use of watch faces from other Apple Watch users. Please note that here we are only using the designs that are already available in watchOS 7. These are not third-party watch faces.

Finally, this handy feature has opened the possibility to show off and distribute great watch faces that you design.


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