Your Apple Watch has a built-in app to track your physical activities. The app collects all the data of your steps you walk or run and presents you in the form of a ring. Sometimes, this ring is colorful while other times you might notice its larger portion covered with black color. This is because you were too lazy to complete the goal.

Anyways, if you would like to share your progress with the world, it’s pretty easy using your iPhone. Just a few taps here and there and all your friends will know how well you have been working out, or how lazy you have been this weekend. The details are given below with images, just have a look at it and start sharing your progress.

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How to Share Activity Progress from iPhone

How to share Apple Watch activity progress from iPhone:

Step #1: First thing you’ll need to do is to open the Activity app on iPhone from the home screen. The iPhone should have been paired with Apple Watch.

Step #2: You’ll now see a ring with three different colors on the screen of your iPhone. Just tap the day from the horizontal list of small rings.

Step #3: Now the Activity progress ring of that particular day will be displayed bigger. Just tap on the ‘Share’ icon located at the top-right side of the screen. The icon is a symbol of an arrow jumping out of the box.

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View Apple Watch Activity Progress on iPhone

Step #4: Once you tap on it, you’ll see a small popup with different sharing options. You can choose any of them depending upon your preferences. You can email it, share it on Facebook, Twitter, or save it as an image in your Camera Roll.

Share Apple Watch Activity Progress on iPhone

That’s it; we have taught you how to share the Activity progress, but it is your job to do some activity and keep that big ring moving.

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