How to Send a Message Using Siri on Your Apple Watch

In our relentless efforts to make our life more comfortable, we have created technology (read electronic devices) that follows our voice commands. Touchpads/smart screens and buttons would exhaust our fingers, and hence, people prefer to use voice activation to operate smartphones and smartwatches too. When it comes to smartwatch, Apple Watch comes first to my mind. Since the watch has a small screen, it is quite a challenge to type in any message or mail.

To give a suitable solution, Apple has built Siri on Apple Watch. With Siri, you can interact with your Watch as it works on voice commands from a user. But before you use Siri, you need to activate Hey Siri on your Watch.

To activate Hey Siri on your Apple Watch, say “Hey Siri” after you wake your Apple Watch, or press the Digital Crown.

Now you can send a message to someone from your contact list.

How to Send Message Using Siri on Apple Watch

Step #1. To send a message with your voice, say “Send a Message to” (Name of contact or phone number.

(After this, you will see a traditional Message interface, where you can send a quick reply, emoji, and voice or text message.)

If you don’t want to tap, you can send the message in the one go:

Step #2. “Tell (name of contact) we are going for a movie in the evening do you want to come question mark.”

Apple Watch will show a preview of your message.

Step #3. Here, you can either tap it to send or say “Hey Siri, send.”

Apart from sending messages, you can also give a reply to incoming messages using Siri on your Apple Watch.

How to Send Reply to a Message Using Siri on Your Apple Watch

When the notification for any message comes in, you can reply to it in two steps:

Step #1. Say “Hey Siri, reply” (This will show the Messages interface).

Step #2. Say “Hey Siri, reply” (speak entire message), then say “Hey Siri, send.”

You can also use Digital Crown to reply to the message; hold down the Digital Crown and say “reply” or “reply (message).” This method doesn’t require “Hey Siri” turned on.

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