Every nation mints her currency keeping in mind the blind citizens so that they can easily differentiate between denominations. Similarly, Apple has developed Siri that hugely benefits visually disabled people. With voice commands, users can smoothly interact with their iPhone and iPad via Siri.

Earlier, we have explored amazing features like how users can bring photos on iPhone/iPad using Siri and how they can enable low power mode on iPhone Using Siri & 3D Touch.

Now, we have got another cooler feature of Siri, with which you can get Siri to read webpages. Isn’t it awesome when you don’t want to read anything but just to listen to some text/content? This feature comes handy especially while you are browsing a content-rich website. Instead of giving your eyes any stress, listen to the content sitting in your armchair. Moreover, there are times when listening to content is more comfortable than reading it – driving, taking a bath or cooking in the kitchen are times when you are unable to read content.

How to Get Siri to Read Webpages, Emails, Articles etc. on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Launch Settings app on iPhone → Tap on General.

Tap on Settings Then General on iDevices

Step #2. Now tap on Accessibility.

Tap on Accessibility on iPhone Settings

Step #3. Tap on Speech, which is under VISION section.

Tap on Speech in Accessibility Settings on iPhone

Step #4. Toggle On Speak Screen.

Enable Speak Screen on iPhone

Step #5. Now open any website on Safari browser.

Step #6. Place your two fingers on the search bar and swipe down.

Get Siri Read Webpage on iPhone and iPad

This will invoke Siri and a Speak Screen box will appear on the screen; it will automatically read entire web page including advertisements. You can make Siri read content faster or slower by using Turtle and Hare symbol on Speak Screen box.

If you want Siri to read other content like articles/mails, select all content on screen and tap on Speak.

Get Siri to Read Email, Articles, and Webpages on iPhone and iPad

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