How to Turn ON Siri Message Announcements Through Your AirPods in iOS 13

With every new software update, Apple endeavors to make its devices smarter; this includes making Siri as bright as possible. In a similar attempt, apple has enhanced Siri and Airpods’ friendship via voice announcements. Now Siri does not just announce the caller’s name on Airpods; it can announce the message sender’s name and read the message as well.

So, when you turn on Siri message announcements through your AirPods in iOS 13, the virtual assistant will read the message for you. Moreover, it also lends you the liberty of replying to these messages via the wireless Bluetooth earbuds itself. Not just with the default Messaging app, the feature will work with any third-party messaging app that has SiriKit developer API.

As of now, this feature only works with 2nd generation Airpods and some beats headphones, headphones that have H1 wireless chip. This keeps First-generation AirPods and most third-party Bluetooth headphones out of the loop for now.

How Does The ‘Announce Messages With Siri’ Feature Works 

To avail of this feature, your iPhone or Apple Watch should be paired with Airpods. Usually, when the AirPods are connected and in-ear, you just get a ping that informs you about the message. When you set up Siri to Announce Messages through your AirPods, a different alert tone will sound.

The virtual assistant will then announce the sender’s name and transcribes the message. If another message from the same sender comes in, Siri will continue the transcription. This way, you can hear a message without touching or looking at your devices. Once the full message is read, another ping will notify, that you can now reply to the message.

You can either ignore the message or reply by saying, “Tell them,” followed by your message. Siri transcribes your speech to text, and depending upon your chosen setting, Siri will either read the message once for approval or directly send the message. The best part is you won’t have to say ‘Hey Siri’ for any of the action.

Moreover, you also get on how to manage Siri message announcements for a specific app; choose from Everyone, Recents, All Contacts, and Favorites.

How to Enable Siri to Read Your Text Messages Through Your AirPods

When you connect Airpods for the first time after you upgrade your device to beta, a pop-up should appear. It will ask whether you want to enable ‘Announce Messages with Siri.’ Allow it and enjoy listening to your incoming messages. Though if the dialog does not appear, you can enable the feature manually.

Enable Siri to Read Your Text Messages Through Your AirPods

Manually Setup Siri to Announce Messages Through Your AirPods

Step #1. Open the Setting app on your iPhone.

Open Settings App on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on Notifications.

Tap on Notifications to Setup Siri to Announce Messages in iOS 13Step #3. Now, select Announce Messages With Siri.

Select Announce Messages With Siri in iPhoneStep #4. Toggle the Switch On.

Toggle the Switch on Setup Siri to Announce Messages Through AirPodsHow to Manage Reply Confirmations

By default, the reply settings are such that Siri will read the whole message once. Basically, the read is to ensure that Siri hasn’t made a mistake or if you want to add something more. Though, if you do not like the setting there is an option to turn it off; this way Siri will directly send the message without confirming as and when you stop speaking.

Step #1. Open Settings  Notifications → Announce Messages With Siri.

Step #2. Now, Switch On the toggle next to Reply without Confirmation.

Switch on toggle to Manage Reply Confirmations in iOS 13 Siri Message AnnouncementsToggle On to let Siri do the job!!

Ever since the feature was announced, I have been eagerly waiting for it to arrive. So, that I could test it, enjoy it and off course share it with all you guys. In case, you did not enjoy the feature or want to stop Siri from announcing messages, just follow the link for tutorials on disabling the feature.

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