How to Update AirPods Firmware

Apple offers a special firmware for “AirPods.” To improve the performance of the wireless earphones and even fix some miscellaneous issues, the tech giant frequently provides updates.

However, updating AirPods 1 or 2’s firmware to the latest version is a bit different and simple. Though the process does seem to be mysterious, I kind of like it as it’s seamless. Let me show you how it works:

How to Update AirPods to the Latest Firmware Version

As I said above, the process hardly requires any step. All you need to do is just put the earphones in the charging case. Then, connect the charging case to a power source using the Lightning to USB cable.

Next, ensure that the paired iOS device with an active Internet connection is near the charging case.

That’s pretty much it! Now, you need to wait for sometime and allow the update to be completed successfully.

Though there is no option to manually update AirPods, you can check the firmware version from your paired iPhone.

How to Check AirPods Firmware Version on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Make sure that the AirPods are connected to your iOS device.

Step #2. Launch Settings app on your iPhone → Next, tap on General.

Launch Settings on iPhone and tap on General

Step #3. Now, you need to tap on About.

Tap on About in iPhone Settings

Step #4. Next up, tap on AirPods.

Tap on AirPods Under About Settings on iPhone

Step #5. On the next screen, check out the Firmware Version of your AirPods. Also find out the serial number, model number and the hardware version of your AirPods.

Check AirPods Firmware Version on iPhone and iPad

Sticky note:

  • Just in case, the wireless earphones are not being updated, ensure that the case is fully charged up.
  • If that doesn’t work, try resetting the case as well. You just need to press and hold the setup button for about 15 seconds until the status light starts flashing amber a few times and then flashes white.

Wrapping Up…

As much as I like this incredibly easy updating process, I wish Apple offered some sort of manual control. Besides, it would also be better if there were a confirmation notification.

The reason why I say it because there seems to be some vagueness in the whole process. What’s your take on it? Share your thoughts down below.

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