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How to turn off Siri on AirPods: 3 Ways explained 

Siri can hear, respond, and complete your tasks, even with AirPods. While setting up Siri for AirPods, you may have activated Siri, unaware of the headache it could cause. If you were looking for a way to disable this function on your AirPods (1st, 2nd, and 3rd gen), AirPods Pro, and Max, you have come to the right place. In this article, I’ll explain how to turn off Siri on AirPods using iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

How to disable Siri on AirPods using iPhone or iPad  

Before trying to disable Siri, ensure that your AirPods are paired to your device

  1. Launch Settings  Bluetooth
    Ensure the lid of the AirPods case is open or you’re wearing the earbuds.
  2. Tap the (i) button next to your Airpods. 

    Tap on i button next to AirPods
  3. Navigate to Left and Right, respectively, and choose a feature other than Siri for both.
    On AirPods Pro and Max, choose Noise Control.
    On other AirPods, you can choose from Play/Pause, Next Track, Previous Track, or Off.

    Disable Siri on AirPods using iPhone

To learn more about the features of AirPods Pro and Max, please refer to our Airpods guide

Note: Alternatively, you can go to Settings → tap [your name’s] AirPods, and follow Step 3 from above.

How to turn off Siri on AirPods using Mac 

You can also disable Siri on your AirPods while using it with Mac. Depending on your version of macOS, you can use the procedures listed below to disable Siri on AirPods.

In macOS Monterey or earlier

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Go to Bluetooth
  3. Click Options next to your paired AirPods. 
  4. Navigate to Left and Right, respectively. Choose Noice Control. 

In macOS Ventura

  1. Go to System SettingsBluetooth.
  2. Click the (i) button next to your Airpods → AirPods Pro Settings.
  3. Navigate to Left and Right, respectively. Choose Noice Control. . 

Note: To disable Siri in macOS Ventura, head to System SettingsSiri & Spotlight → toggle off Listen for “Hey Siri” or Ask Siri. While on macOS Monterey, you need to go to System PreferencesSiri → uncheck Enable Ask Siri.

How to completely turn off Siri on iPhone and iPad

  1. Launch Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap Siri & Search
  3. Toggle off the buttons next to Listen for “Hey Siri” and Press Side Button for Siri.

    Completely turn off Siri on iPhone and 

You may also prevent Siri from announcing notifications on your iPhone or iPad if you don’t want to entirely shut down Siri.

Stop Siri from announcing notifications on iPhone or iPad 

  1. Open Settings  Notifications
  2. Now, under Siri, tap Announce Notifications
  3. Toggle off Announce Notifications.

    Stop Siri from announcing notifications using iPhone 

Additionally, you can also turn off announcements for some specific apps. You can consider our article to better understand Siri announcing messages on Airpod.

Note: Toggle off Headphones if you just want to shut announcements when connected to the AirPods.

How do I turn off voice control on AirPods? 

To turn off voice control on AirPods, go to Settings → Accessibility → Voice Control section→ toggle off Voice Control.

Winding down… 

Siri is undoubtedly one of the best virtual assistants available, but it can sometimes be a nuisance. So, I hope these solutions have helped. In the comments, let me know which of the above-mentioned methods you’d use to disable Siri.

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