How to Enable Type to Siri on Mac

Want to use Mac’s keyboard instead of talking to Siri? Take a quick look at how to enable Type to Siri on Mac running macOS Catalina.
How to Enable Type to Siri on Mac in macOS Catalina

Similar to text input for Siri on iPhone, you can also use Type to Siri on Mac. This means that instead of talking to Siri, you can use the keyboard on your Mac and write to the voice assistant. ‘Enable Type to Siri’ is under Accessibility settings on Mac. It’s an especially useful feature for people who are speech impaired or challenged. But it’s also pretty handy when you are in a library or a meeting and wish to use Siri without making any sound. So let’s check out the details.

How to Enable Type to Siri on Mac

Step #1. Click on the Apple icon at the top left of the screen.

Step #2. Click on System Preferences.

Click on Apple Menu and Select System Preferences on Mac

Step #3. Click on Accessibility.

Click on Accessibility on Mac

Step #4. Scroll the left sidebar and click on Siri.

Click on Siri on Mac Running macOS Catalina

Step #5. Check the box for Enable Type to Siri.

Enable Type to Siri in macOS Catalina

From now onwards, you can type to Siri, instead of speaking to it.

Next, are you wondering how to use Type to Siri on Mac? It is easy. Click on the Siri icon from the menu bar. You can also click on the Siri icon in the Dock or launchpad. Or, press and hold together Command ⌘ + Space Bar for a little longer to summon Type to Siri.

Click on Siri in Launch Pad n Mac

After that, simply type your request. For example, ‘Set reminder about tea at 4:45 PM,’ or ‘Make a FaceTime call to Jeet,’ etc.

Use Type to Siri on Mac to Set Reminder

To Disable Type to Siri on Mac, follow the above steps, and uncheck the box in step 5.

Turn Off Type to Siri on Mac Running macOS Catalina

Summing Up…

Now you know how to enable and use Type to Siri on Mac running macOS Catalina. One thing that I would like in a future macOS update is to have both the ability to type and talk to Siri enabled at the same time. This would be handy for a lot of situations.

I hope this quick guide was helpful. If you have a further related question, feel free to reach us using the comments section below.

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