How to Use Siri in macOS Sierra to Make the Most of your Mac

If you want to make the most of Siri in macOS Sierra on your Mac, you must check out this complete guide.

macOS Sierra boasts of quite a lot of interesting features including Picture-in-Picture, Universal Copy and Paste and Siri. Personally, I had been waiting for the virtual assistant to arrive on Mac for a long time. I guess, most of you must have been willing to use it on your Mac as well.

Whether it’s sending quick messages, answering simple queries or opening apps, Siri is always up and ready to help you out. Besides, there are a number of Mac-specific functions to let you carry out the particular task with ease.

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How to Use Siri in macOS Sierra

How to Use Siri in macOS Sierra

As Apple’s virtual assistant is quite new on Mac, a lot of users would find it a bit inconvenient to get started with it. Considering its significance in terms of enhancing the user-experience, it would be really great to know how it functions in macOS Sierra, wouldn’t it be?

How to Access Siri on Mac in macOS Sierra

You can quickly access Siri through a dock icon, menu bar or a keyboard command. Moreover, you will be able to pin Siri results, shown in individual windows, to the Today section of Notification Center or add them to documents or files.

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In order to help you remain up to date, pinned results are automatically kept updated. As for instance, you can keep a tab on any specific Twitter search or sports game right in the NC on your device.

How Does Siri Work in macOS Sierra

You can activate Siri by clicking on its icon and then dictate it much the same way as you do it on your iPhone. As for instance, say “Where are the files David sent me yesterday,?” “Open Safari”, “Open the documents I used last week.” etc. The virtual assistant will get the job done for you.

How Well Siri Performs

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Though it’s really nice to have Siri on Mac, the virtual assistant is a bit too slow. That apart, it doesn’t understand different accent as perfectly as it should. Hopefully, Apple solves these problems sooner than later and makes it more competent.

Recently, various reports have claimed that Apple is making Siri-based Amazon Echo competitor. Camera and face recognition technology are reported to be the significant features of the personal assistant, which is expected to be launched in 2017.

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