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50 Funny things to ask Siri in 2024

Aside from letting me send messages, make a FaceTime call and answer queries instantly, Siri also entertains me with tongue-in-cheek replies. Whenever I seem to get a bit bored, I ask some of the most hilarious things to Siri to fill the moments with plenty of laughter.

Siri now understands the context a lot better than ever before and answers questions accordingly. Therefore, you will enjoy having the fun-filled conversation with the personal assistant. Besides, it answers the same question differently. For instance, if you ask it, “Can you dance with me?” It may say “Why Not” at one time and “I don’t appreciate dancing” on the other time. So, ready to trigger ask some amusing questions to Siri? Here we go!

Funniest questions to ask Siri

Following are some of the funniest things you can ask the virtual assistant. Pick out some of the coolest ones to try them out right away.

Q1. What does Siri mean?

Q2. Are you a robot?

Q3. Are you intelligent?

Q4. What do you dream about?

Q5. When will Spiderman return?

Q6. How fast can you run?

Q7. Are you smarter than Google Assistant?

Q8. What’s your education?

Q9. Do you have a boyfriend?

Q10. Who is your boyfriend?

Q11. How old are you?

Q12. Do you love me?

Q13. Do you like going for a dinner date?

Q14. Will you go on a date with me?

Q15. Who is your best friend?

Q16. Can you dance with me?

Q17. Do you like dressing up for party?

Q18. Why do you vibrate?

Q19. What’s your favorite color?

Q20. What is your favorite animal?

Q21. What’s your favorite movie?

Q22. Would you like to dance with me?

Q23. Is summer coming?

Q24. What do you do in winter?

Q25. What’s your favorite dish?

Q26. Do you believe in God?

Q27. What’s your favorite dress?

Q28. What came first–the Chicken or the Egg?

Q29. Which is your favorite iPhone?

Q30. Why did the chicken cross the road?

Q31. What makes you angry?

Q32. Why do you seem to be a bit sad today?

Q33. When are you going to celebrate your birthday?

Q34. How do I look, today?

Q35. Are you on Twitter?

Q36. Do you like doing yoga?

Q37. How do you keep yourself fit?

Q38. Can you teach me how to sing a cool song?

Q39. Why are you not talking with me?

Q40. Where you would you like to go with me?

Q41. Do you secretly listen to what I talk?

Q42.  Do you like my company?

Q43.  Where have I lost my keys?

Q44.  Are you interested in men?

Q45.  Do you like fantastic people?

Q46. What’s your plan for today?

Q47.  Shall we go to a dance club?

Q48. What excites you the most?

Q49.  Why don’t you understand me?

Q50. How long will you live in this world?

Start enjoying your laughter dosage.

That’s all, folks!

Your take?

How much have you enjoyed the conversation with Siri? You can create more such questions to light up your time. So, whenever your hectic life seems to be a bit under the weather, use them to kick the tension away.

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