How to Read Heart Rate Recovery on Apple Watch and iPhone

Check on your heart health by learning how to see Heart Rate Recovery on Apple Watch and iPhone. Learn what is HRR and why you should keep track of it.
How to See Heart Rate Recovery on Apple Watch and iPhone

If you own an Apple Watch and enjoy working out, we’ve got a very useful post. Today, I am going to share a post on how to see heart rate recovery on Apple Watch and iPhone. Heart Rate Recovery (HRR) shows you how healthy your heart is. It is used to analyze how your heart recovers from exercise. So, it plays an important role in determining your fitness level. It’s also measured in many fitness tests, so it’s useful to keep track of it with your smart devices like Apple Watch and iPhone. Let’s take a closer look!

What is Heart Rate Recovery?

During intense workouts like walking, running, cycling, and swimming, your heart rate goes up. This is because the heart starts to pump faster as, during these activities, the body cells need more oxygen quickly.

According to WebMD, “Heart rate recovery is a measurement of how much the heart rate falls during the first minute after peak exercise.” So suppose your standard heart rate is around 70 bpm. On a treadmill, it reaches around 130. Now Heart rate recovery is the rate (measurement) that is taken immediately after an exercise that tells how much (how quickly/at what rate) this increased heart rate falls back (decreases).

If a person’s heart is healthy, it will return quicker to the normal bpm rate. If someone’s heart is less healthy, then it will take longer to return to normal bpm after an intense workout.

What is Healthy Heart Rate Recovery?

A decrease of 15 to 25 beats per minute is normal heart rate recovery. Any number above this is good. But if the heart rate recovery is 12 or less beats per minute, then this is considered ‘abnormal,’ and for such individuals, there is a greater risk for heart diseases.

How to See Heart Rate Recovery on Apple Watch

Apple Watch measures your heart rate, and you can even turn on automatic notifications to know if your heart rate remains above or falls below the chosen beats per minute.

It is recommended that to measure the recovery heart rate accurately, you should stop your Apple Watch workout immediately after workout. Now that we are clear with the basics let us know how to see it on Apple Watch.

  1. Open the Heart Rate app on your Apple Watch
  2. Scroll down and tap on Recovery. You will see this option if you have a workout recorded for the day.
  3. Here you will see your recovery heart rate after 1 minute and also after 2 minutes.
See Heart Rate Recovery on Apple Watch
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If the values are above 15, then you are okay. In case it isn’t, you should check it regularly for a few days, and if every day it is below that, you must talk to a doctor.

How to See Heart Rate Recovery on iPhone

To read heart rate recovery on iPhone for workouts, you will have to use the iPhone paired with your Apple Watch.

  1. Open the Activity app on your iPhone
  2. Select the day from top
  3. Scroll down and tap on a recorded workout.
  4. Swipe from right to left on the Heart Rate card. You will see the Heart Rate Recovery section with the appropriate data
See Heart Rate Recovery on iPhone
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That’s all my friends!

Signing off…

It is vital that you follow a healthy lifestyle and allocate a portion of the day for exercise. A healthy body ensures better work and family time. What do you think about the health features of Apple Watch? Share your ideas, questions, suggestions in the comments down below.

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