How to Fix Apple Watch Not Pairing with iPhone

Those who own the latest Apple Watch Series 5 and one of the recently released iPhone 11 can enjoy the cool features of iOS 13 and watchOS 6. But many users have faced some issues while pairing their Apple Watch with the iPhone. This guide attempts to solve the problem. Let’s take a look!

Cannot Pair Apple Watch with iPhone Running iOS 13 – Tips to Fix the Issue

Check your Apple Watch’s Connection with iPhone

Apple Watches and iPhones communicate with each other via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Hence, you should run a thorough check if your smartwatch is connected to your iPhone. But how to know if your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone?

Step #1. On your Apple Watch screen, swipe up from the bottom.

Swipe up from Bottom on Your Apple Watch Screen

Step #2. This will bring up the Control Center of your Apple Watch. When an iPhone icon is in green, your watch is connected to your iPhone, and if it is in red, it is not.

Step #3. On the Control Center, also check that a Wi-Fi symbol is blue. If it is not, your Apple Watch is not connected to the Wi-Fi network.

In case your Apple Watch is not connected to Wi-Fi, tap on that Wi-Fi symbol and start pairing your watch with the iPhone.

Tap on Wifi icon to Connect with Wifi on Apple Watch

Step #4. A red iPhone means your Apple Watch is disconnected from your iPhone. Maybe your Apple Watch and iPhone are far from each other; there can be a distance of more than 30 feet between the two. Bring both the devices close to each other and then check the connection.

Check Settings on your Apple Watch and iPhone

Airplane mode on iPhone and Apple Watch/Bluetooth on iPhone

There are many occasions when you fail to notice some necessary checks like Airplane mode and Bluetooth. As mentioned above, your watch and phone communicate via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network. When the Airplane mode is turned off on any one of the devices, Wi-Fi will not work on either device.

On your Apple Watch, swipe up on the watch face and turn on Airplane mode (if it is disabled).

On iPhone, tap on Settings → Turn on Airplane Mode.

Turn ON Airplane Mode in iOS 13 Settings App on iPhone

Next, try to pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone.

When your iPhone is not connected with the Internet (Wi-fi or Mobile data), it communicates with your Apple Watch through Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is turned off on your iPhone, the communication will be interrupted.

Reboot Your iPhone

You have run enough necessary checks on your devices. Now you can go for some real troubleshooting things on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Start with rebooting your iPhone and Apple Watch. We have covered a separate post on how to reboot any iPhone.

Reboot Apple Watch

If you are a new user of an Apple Watch, you might find it challenging to reboot your smartwatch. However, this tutorial will tell you everything, including power off, hard reset, and reboot your Apple Watch.

Software Updates on your iPhone

Sometimes, troubleshooting steps require users to delete some data. Before you lose your data, you can update your iPhone to the latest software release and then pair your Apple Watch. You can check this complete guide to update your iPhone to iOS 13 through OTA and iTunes.

Reset Network Settings on iPhone

When you Reset Network Settings on your iPhone, all your network passwords will be erased. So first save all those passwords in the Notes app and then Reset Network Settings on your iPhone. When you reconnect your iPhone to the network, your Apple Watch might not face any trouble pairing with the phone.

Step #1. Launch Settings and tap on General on your iPhone.

Tap on Settings then General in iOS 12 or Earlier

Step #2. Scroll down and tap on Reset from the bottom.

Tap on Reset in iOS 13 Settings on iPhone

Step #3. You need to tap on Reset Network Settings and enter your lock screen passcode to reset network settings on your iPhone.

Tap on Reset Network Settings in iOS 13

Two Methods to Reset Your Apple Watch

Still not able to pair your Apple Watch with iPhone? Probably you need to reset your Apple Watch. There are two methods to reset your smartwatch: use your Apple Watch or use the Watch app on your iPhone.

Method #1: Reset Your Apple Watch from iPhone

Step #1. Open Watch app and tap on My Watch tab from the bottom menu on iPhone.

Tap on My Watch Tab in iOS 13 Watch App on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on ‘(i)’ icon right beside your Apple Watch from the top of the display.

Tap on information icon in Watch App on iOS 13

Step #3. Finally, tap on the Unpair Apple Watch option. Apple Watch without eSIM feature will begin the process of unpairing without asking users to Keep or Remove Data Plan. However, they are required to enter their Apple ID password before they can unpair their watch.

Enter Passcode and Unpair Apple Watch from iOS 13 Device

Note: If you own an Apple Watch with an eSIM, the Watch app may prompt you to tap on one of the three options: Keep Data Plan, Remove Data Plan, and Cancel Unpair. In case you wish to unpair, you can tap either on Keep Data Plan or Remove Data Plan.

Choose Option and Enter Password to Unpair Apple Watch in iOS 13

Method #2: Reset Your Apple Watch

Step #1. Tap on the Digital Crown of your Apple Watch.

Step #2. Next, tap on Settings from the cluster or grid of apps.

Tap on Settings on Your Apple Watch

Step #3. Now tap on General.

Tap General in Settings on Your Apple Watch

Step #4. Then tap on Reset.

Tap on Reset in General on Apple Watch Settings

Step #5. In the last, tap on Erase All Content and Settings.

Tap on Erase All Content and Settings in Apple Watch Settings

Set the Right Time on iPhone

Thanks to our vigilant users, we have found another solution to the problem Apple Watch won’t pair after iOS 13 update. We have received an email from the user, Cliff Warren who reveals: “I found another reason why the iPhone might not connect to the watch. If the iPhone has the wrong time, or if it is not getting the time properly from the cell provider, it won’t connect to the watch correctly. It will look like it is connected, but it won’t send notifications or receive phone calls.”

Call Apple Support

If nothing works, you can fix an appointment with Apple Support to get rid of this Apple Watch pairing issue on your iPhone.

That’s all from my side!

Signing off…

Apple Watch is not yet a fully independent device. Although Apple introduced an LTE model from Series 3, some apps rely on the iPhone. As long as this dependence is there, you need to pair your watch with the iPhone. And whenever a pairing issue arises, you can fix that with our troubleshooting guide.

Which workaround did work for you? Leave your feedback in the comment below.

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