How to Power off, Hard Reset, and Reboot Your Apple Watch

As Apple Watch has brought to you a new experience of using a top class time keeping device, it might take some good time before you can begin to understand its subtle nuances—unless you are quite good at technologies.

It pays to do the basic functions correctly like, rebooting or resetting your device. And when you are dealing with an expensive device like Apple Watch, it’s always recommended to understand how best you can perform even a simple function appropriately.

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How to Power off, Hard Reset, and Reboot Apple Watch

Wish to know how you can power off/restart/hard reset/reboot your Watch perfectly? Let’s have a quick look!

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How to Power Off/Restart Your Apple Watch

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At times, some small bugs can easily be fixed by just powering down your device. Moreover, in the everyday use of your watch, you may need to turn it off sometimes just to give it some rest.

Step #1. Press and hold on the side button of your Apple Watch

Step #2. Power down menu will appear on the screen. There are three options-

Power Off: to let you switch off your watch

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Power Reserve: To let you keep your watch in power saving mode.

Lock Device: To allow you to lock your watch

You need to drag the Power Off slider to right side to turn off your watch.

Step #3. Now, to restart your watch, simply press and hold on the side button until you see Apple logo.

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That’s it!

How to Hard Reset/Reboot Your Apple Watch

At times, you would need to reset your Apple Watch to fix some miscellaneous bugs. However, you should use it only as the last resort if you are unable to restart your Watch.

When you reset, it forces your Apple Watch to start. Though it doesn’t delete any of the information of your device nor does it return your watch to factory reset.

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Simply, press and hold both side button and Digital Crown at once until Apple log comes up on the screen.

That’s done!

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