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Your Apple Watch can now become a control center of your home. Control the lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, appliances, security locks of gates and doors and other systems from your wrist. Welcome to the world of home automation apps for Apple Watch. Now keep a snooping eye on your real estate, take care of your kids and elderly at home and be sure that you have fixed temperature of microwave. Here is a list of the best home automation apps you can use from your Apple Watch. Keep your sweet home secured even when you are away from your home.

Best Home Automation Apps for Apple Watch

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Best Home Autoamtion Apple Watch Apps

#1. Withings

Withings Home Apple Watch and iPhone App IconAn elegant HD camera with environmental sensors is all you need to stay connected with your loved ones. Create a healthier and safer home with a state-of-the-art technology that allows you to access your home from anywhere using your Apple Watch. One of the prominent features of Withings is Homelapse; built with an innovative time-lapse, this technology gives you a review of what happened during the day in a few seconds. The app is equipped with features like HD video, 2-way audio, 130 degree wide angle, clear night vision, zoom ePTZ x4 and nightlight. You can enjoy live streaming, motion/noise alerts with thumbnails and start the lullaby from your Apple Watch.

Price: Free
Download Withings

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#2. Philips Hue

Philips Hue Apple Watch and iPhone App IconFor the physically challenged, this app is a must on their Apple Watch. By installing Philips Hue products at home, you can remotely control switches and lights by this app on your Apple Watch. Now control the wireless products of Philips Hue from wherever you are from your smart watch. Set an emotive environment and create an individual style by effective lighting and controlling. Philips Hue lighting can be functional as well as aesthetic, and therefore it shows your superior taste of home décor.

Price: Free
Download Philips Hue

#3. WeTap

WeTap iPhone and Apple Watch App IconWeMo from Belkin is one of the leading brands in home automation. The brand has its app WeTap to control its products from the comfort of your wrist or palm (if you are using smartphone). You can turn on and off switches and lights from any corner of your home; you need to have Wi-Fi at home. Just go to the Today view of Notification and control all lights and switches from your Apple Watch. Please ensure that you have installed at least one switch in order to use this app.

Price: $1.99
Download WeTap

#4. Honeywell Lyric

Honeywell Lyric iPhone and Apple Watch App IconLife is unpredictable. For a moment you are here, for the next you are out of home, away from town or maybe country. So how would you manage your thermostat? Fret not! Honeywell Lyric is a smart thermostat you can control from anywhere – from your office or from 30000 feet while you are flying high. Once you connect your Apple Watch with Honeywell Lyric thermostat, it automatically identifies your presence in the house; when you go away, it will start saving energy and when you come back home, it will start warming up or cooling down your home appliances.

Price: Free
Download Honeywell Lyric

#5. Surveillance

Surveillance Apple Watch and iPhone App IconSurveillance app is one of the best security apps that allows you to keep an eye on your premises from far away. The app cuts your cost of installing high-end cameras and other electronic gadgets. All you need to do is to download this app on two of your iOS devices – it could be a pair of an iPhone and an iPhone or an iPhone and iPad or an iPhone and Apple Watch. Once you download the app, create a user account and then select which device will stay at home and which one you will keep with you. Launch app on your iDevice and complete the user ID, then connect the other device with same ID and Password; now your devices are ready to use.

Price: Free
Download Surveillance

#6. Simple Switch

Simple Switch Apple Watch and iPhone App IconBeauty lies in simplicity! This Simple Switch app enables your iOS device to effortlessly manage a single group of lights from Philips Hue. The interface of this app is extremely simple; all you need to do is to toggle a switch to turn the lights on and off. With a vertical slider, you can control the brightness of lights. One of the best features of this app is that you can give control of this app to visitors, guests, babysitters, friends & grandparents also. And this too without giving them any control of your iOS device. Use one of your older iOS devices and install Simple Switch on it, then leave it for your guests to use.

Price: Free
Download Simple Switch

#7. Heatmiser Neo

Heatmiser Neo Apple Watch and iPhone App IconControl your home heating and hot water effectively with Heatmiser Neo app installed on your iOS devices. This app nulls the need to interact with time-clocks or thermostats as you can control everything directly on your smartphone or tablet. The intuitive design gives you the power to quickly override your commands. The app automatically starts heating the room when the frost temperature (if you have set already) is reached; this keeps your home cosy and dry and saves energy. If you own a large house, you can divide the house in zones and control each zone independently from the app.

Price: Free
Download Heatmiser Neo

#8. connected

connected iPhone and Apple Watch App IconControl all your appliances from a single app – connected. This is a new age app to manage your smart home from your wrist. Connect all devices made by different manufacturers including LIFX, Estimote and Myo. For security reasons, you can check everything that happened recently at home in an intuitive news feed. If you home is equipped with all state-of-the-art gadgets, you can use Myo armband to control those devices with hand gesture. If you own compatible devices, this app doesn’t require any extra hardware; set everything from your watch and start controlling the devices. With connected Cloud, you can control your home from any place of the world, of course, you require internet connection. Also you can allow your friends to access your home by creating social places like “Home” and “Work”.

Price: $1.99
Download connected

#9. Drip for Dropcam

Drip for Dropcam Apple Watch and iPhone App IconSee video feeds on your Apple Watch. This app doesn't show live video; rather you can check live images from selected cameras every three second. You can select one camera to see images on a Glance on the Apple Watch. You can turn on and turn off cameras from your wrist. The future version of this app will include features like show motion events, display of Dropcam cameras that are subscribed by you and enable/disable night mode.

Price: $3.99
Download Drip

#10. ecobee3

ecobee3 iPhone and Apple Watch App Iconecobee is the leader in thermostat technology as it has introduced the first Wi-Fi connected smart thermostat in 2009. This ecobee3 mobile app lets you check and manage ecobee Smart, Smart Si, and ecobee3 thermostats from anywhere on your iOS devices. ecobee3 gives you freedom to edit all your thermostat’s settings, including indoor temperature, humidity level, system status, system mode, and fan run time. To save your money and energy, ecobee3 smart technology sets your thermostat to ‘Away’ when you are going out for some time; the app can also create a specific schedule for when you are on vacation. The app also gives you 4-day weather forecast, so you can plan your mini-vacation in advance.

Price: Free
Download ecobee3

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One of the primary reasons of popularity of home automation (almost every household has adopted home automation) is its affordability and simplicity through smartphones and tablets. With increasing use of smart gadgets, controlling electronic and electrical devices has become easier from the screen of mobile phones, tablets and smart watches. With the advent of smart watch, people can operate many white goods from their wrist.

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