8 Significant Functions Apple Watch Can Do Without iPhone

What Apple Watch Can Do Without iPhone

Though Apple has started shipping its smartwatch, there is still plenty of obscurity regarding what Apple Watch can and can’t do without iPhone. As against earlier reports that the Watch would have to heavily rely upon iPhone to carry out many significant functions such as, fitness tracking, Apple has revealed that the Watch can do many things on its own.

So what are the things Apple Watch can do on its own? Here are the eight significant functions the Watch is good enough to do by itself. Let’s have a glance at them!

What Apple Watch Can Do Without iPhone?

#1. Track Your Run And Many Fitness levels
According to Christy Turlington-Burns, Apple Watch is capable of tracking your run as well as many fitness levels. When you take your iPhone with you to assist Apple Watch in tracking your run, its Workout app learns it. Hence subsequently, the watch is able to track your runs as well as gather workout data independently. All the gathered data is stored in the Apple Watch locally and when your watch is paired with iPhone, it is synced with Health app.

However, Apple Watch can’t track distance or any routes by itself. To do so, it must require iPhone in the range.

#2. Play Music
To listen music on your Apple Watch, you don’t need to keep your iPhone with you or close to your Watch. All you require is a wireless Bluetooth headphone to tune into your favorite music on the Watch.

As Apple provides 2GB of music storage on Apple Watch, you wouldn’t complain much regarding keeping some of your most loved music for a great music time.

#3. Pay Your Bill Using Apple Pay
You can pay your bill using Apple Pay with the help of Apple Watch. Apple Watch stores Apple Pay cards inside as tokens. And therefore, when you enable Apple Pay near any NFC reader, it is able to transmit payment instantly.

#4. View Photos
Apple Watch allows 75MB of photo storage. You can view some of your local photos from iCloud Photo Library. Of course, you would like to view all your favorite photos but being able to have a glance at some of your favorite ones is not bad actually.

#5. Can Control Apple TV, iTunes And iTunes Radio
Apple Watch can work excellently in letting you control your Apple TV. Moreover, you can use the Watch to control iTunes and iTunes Radio on your computer as well.

#6. Set Alarms And Timers
Apple Watch doesn’t need iPhone to let you set alarms and timers. It will also display accurate time by itself.

#7. Track Your Calendar Events
You can check out your calendar events comfortably using your Apple Watch. You wouldn’t have to take any help of your iPhone in keeping track of calendar events.

#8. Use Passbook
Whenever you add any gift cards, boarding passes to Passbook, they are synced with Apple Watch automatically. So, you can use Passbook on your watch without taking help from iPhone.

Wish the Apple Watch could connect to internet, GPS and Siri by itself. Had the Watch been able to do so, it would be capable of doing many things independently.

What are the other things which Apple Watch can do without iPhone? If you have got the information, do let us know.

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