How to Enable and Use Zoom on Your Apple Watch

Apple Watch has a built-in magnifier called Zoom just like iPhone. Once enabled, Zoom magnifies the Apple Watch user interface; making it easy to view and interact with the device. Since the magnification is adjustable up to fifteen times the screen size of the Watch, it is a very helpful feature for those with visual impairments or partial blindness.

Even if you don’t have any visual impairment, you would like to use Zoom on the Watch in order to read emails or notifications conveniently. The tiny screen size of the watch tends to make it slightly difficult to scan through contents on the watch. That’s when a quality feature like Zoom can come to your rescue.

How to Set Up & Use Zoom on Apple Watch

It’s very simple to set up and use Zoom on Apple Watch. In fact, the process of activating it on the Watch is quite identical to iPhone’s.

Enable Zoom on Apple Watch

Step #1. Launch Settings app on the Apple Watch.

Step #2. Tap on General.

Step #3. Tap on Accessibility.

Step #4.  Tap on Zoom and toggle to turn it on.

If ever you want to disable it, follow these same steps and turn it off in the end.

Turn on Zoom on Apple Watch from iPhone

Step #1. Launch Apple Watch app.

Step #2. Tap on General.

Step #3. Tap on Accessibility.

Step #4.  Tap on Zoom and toggle it on.

Step #5. Now, you need to adjust the Zoom level by dragging the slider right or left.

If you want to lower the Zoom level, drag the slider to the left. Drag it right to increase the same. 1.2 is the minimum zoom level, while 15 is the maximum.

Use or control Zoom on Apple Watch

Step #1. Simply, double tap with fingers to zoom.

Step #2. If you wish to move around on the Watch screen, just drag with two fingers.

Step #3. To adjust the zoom level, you need to double tap and hold on the screen then slide.

That’s it!

Zoom may drain your watch battery fast. Hence make sure to turn it off if you don’t use it frequently. It will help you improve your Apple Watch battery life.