Top 5 Apple Watch Security Features: Double Down on Privacy

Recently, I got a chance to take a look at the top Apple Watch security features. Believe me or not, they can play a big role in not just enhancing the privacy of your data but even help you out in a dire situation!
Apple Watch Security Features

Like any product from Apple, you can expect the company’s smartwatches to be equally unique and technologically superior to most other products in the same category in the market.

The Apple Watch has several features highlighting its utility as a device that is as good as the iPhone in many areas. The smartwatch draws its inspiration from the iPhone, and you can perform many tasks right from your wrist.

Designed to be a superior extension of iPhone, the Watch offers you all the needed options to not just create an extra layer of defense for your data but also get quick help in an emergency. Here are the Top 5 Apple Watch security features that are designed to bolster your privacy and user-experience!

Apple Watch Security Features: It is as secure as your iPhone

Locate a Stolen Apple Watch

When Apple Watch was first introduced in 2014, it lacked built-in GPS. And therefore, the smartwatch wasn’t able to take advantage of Apple’s advanced device tracking feature “Find My iPhone.”

How to Locate Lost Apple Watch Using Find My iPhone

The watch was heavily dependent on the iPhone and used its Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection to be discovered in case of being misplaced. The tech giant included the built-in GPS in Apple Watch Series 2. However, the device still needed to use the trusted Wi-Fi of its paired iPhone to get located.

With the introduction of Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE support, the smartwatch can finally take the utmost advantage of Find My iPhone. So, if you have this wearable device, you can locate it using this feature. For more information about Find My Apple Watch, head over to this complete hands-on guide.

Passcode Security

Depending on how you plan on using the Apple Watch, you can feel secure by creating a passcode to keep your watch from being operated by anyone other than you.

Set Up and Use a Passcode on Apple Watch

If you live in shared spaces and you have the habit of leaving the device around, this could be a very effective way of protecting your Apple Watch.

In other words, passcode adds the first line of defense for your personal data and prevent anyone from bumping into it without your permission.

Automatically Erase Data

Consider a situation when your Apple Watch falls into the wrong hands. And that person is desperately trying to unlock your smartwatch by entering some common passcodes. Wouldn’t you be concerned about your sensitive data? Yes, you would be.

Just like iOS, watchOS offers you the option to automatically wipe out the data of your smartwatch after 10 failed passcode attempts. If you wish to be on the safer side of the stream, it would be wise to keep this feature enabled. Watch app for iPhone → PasscodeErase Data.

Automatically Erase Data in Apple Watch

Emergency SOS

Aside from being a top-notch smartwatch, Apple Watch can also work as a life-saving feature. So, if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation where there is no one to help you out, just press and hold the side button to dial the emergency services.

Emergency SOS in Apple Watch

Notification Privacy

Never want to expose your personal alerts? You can choose to safeguard your notifications by adding an extra layer of the shield to them.

watchOS comes with a feature called “Notification Privacy.” When enabled, it lets you hide the details of the alert. And you need to tap on it to view the details. Watch app for iPhone → My Watch tabNotification → Notification Privacy.

Notification Privacy Settings in Apple Watch

That’s pretty much it!

Over to You:

I’m sure these tips can help you improve your user experience and even shied your crucial data. Know any such cool security features? Do tell us about them.

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