iOS 14.5: How to unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch when wearing a mask

‘Can I unlock iPhone with the Apple Watch?’ has been a constantly asked question by many Apple users. With the launch of the first developer beta version of iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4, Apple fulfilled this wish by letting users unlock their iPhone with the Apple Watch, finally! Not just this, it also enables you to do this without taking off your mask. Neat!

Although the public beta hasn’t been released till now, the inclusion of unlocking the iPhone while wearing your mask is a significant relief. This indeed is an added star to Apple’s efforts to cater to a seamless user experience.

While these are the takeaways, there are some key considerations you need to keep in mind to use this feature.

Things to consider to unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch

  • A passcode should be enabled on Apple Watch.
  • It should be on your wrist.
  • Face ID should detect the mask.
  • Apple Watch wrist detection feature should be on

If you have met all the conditions, scroll down to understand how you can enable it!

How to enable ‘unlock with Apple Watch’ feature on iPhone

  1. In the Settings app on your iPhone, tap Face ID and Passcode.
  2. Scroll to ‘Unlock with Apple Watch‘ and turn the toggle on.Enable unlock with Apple Watch feature on iPhone

And it’s done!


  • The first time you’ll unlock your iPhone using Apple Watch, it’ll ask you to enter the passcode. This won’t be required for future attempts.
  • Once unlocked, your Apple Watch will vibrate and feature a popup to notify that your iPhone is unlocked. The interface is similar to that in unlocking Mac with Apple Watch.
  • The feature is only available when you have your masks on. For payments and other related tasks, you’ll have to take off the mask for Face ID detection or enter your passcode.
  • Apple has rolled out some privacy changes with iOS 14.5. It’ll require your consent.

Video: How to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch (iOS 14.5 Update)

What do you think about the ‘unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch’ feature of iOS 14.5?

How to unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch

I see this feature as a new milestone in easing access for users. It doesn’t just allow you to unlock your iPhone; you can also lock using Apple Watch. Besides, partial face recognition while wearing your mask looks like a significant relief considering the pandemic as users had to take off their mask every time they unlock their iPhone.

The feature looks like another notable upgrade after the handwashing feature released with watchOS 7.

What are your views about it? Are you excited to use this?

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