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iGBHow-toHow to send Invisible Ink iMessage from iPhone and iPad

How to send Invisible Ink iMessage from iPhone and iPad

iPhone Messages app has unique bubble and screen effects that make the chatting experience spicy. One of the bubble effects, called Invisible Ink, has been a hit among iMessage users. This lets you hide the message text behind a calm animation. The recipient needs to swipe over the blurred message to see the content. Pretty neat! Let me quickly show you how to send Invisible Ink iMessage from your iPhone and iPad.

How to send iMessage with Invisible Ink effect from your iPhone

  1. Open the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad and go inside a conversation.
  2. Type the desired message. You may also select an image.
  3. Long-press the ‘send arrow‘ icon.
  4. Choose INVISIBLE INK and tap the arrow icon to send the message with this effect.How to send Invisible Ink Messages on iPhone

See iMessage sent with Invisible Ink on your iPhone

How to view messages sent with Invisible Ink

To view messages sent using Invisible Ink, swipe over the blurry dotted animation. It will reveal the text or image. Please note that iOS 10 or above is needed to send and view messages with the Invisible Ink effect.

Note: You can not send messages with Invisible Ink via Apple Watch. But if you receive one on your wrist, you can view the same by swiping over it.

Excited to create suspense by sending Invisible Ink iMessage from your iPhone?

This is how you can use Invisible Ink in iMessage. It is perfect for building excitement, surprises, creating suspense, confession, proposal over the message (if you are into that), and such. Once you start using this, you would often find yourself sending it to your partner, friend, siblings, etc.

Additionally, now bubble and screen effects (including Invisible Ink) are also available in the Messages app on Mac running macOS Big Sur.

Invisible Ink on normal Text Message

Secondly, you can also send a standard text (SMS) with Invisible Ink. But it would serve no purpose. The recipient gets the text without any effect. However, at the bottom of the text message, it says ‘sent with Invisible Ink.’

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