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All Apple Watch Icon and Symbol Meanings (A Complete Guide)

Apple Watch, the miniature form of your iPhone, is home to ‘n’ number of features. The tiny screen keeps you updated all day long with numerous notifications. To house them all in the available space, Apple has designated icons and symbols for the same.

Considering the current upgrade in watchOS and the list of icons and symbols, we would like to understand them better. Let’s have a look at all Apple Watch icon and symbol meanings.

Power Of The Thunder

1. Green Lightning Bolt

Most of us are aware of this sign. Signifying power, the green lightning bolt on your Apple Watch screen indicates that your Watch is connected to a charger and is successfully charging your device. Once ultimately charged, the thunder sign will have a circle surrounding it.

Chargig Icon

2. Red Lightning Bolt

The symbol indicates that your Apple Watch is running low on battery and requires charging as early as possible. The symbol appears after your battery percentage drops to 10%. However, if you do not have a charger around, it is recommended that you consider turning the power reserve on. Doing this will turn off all features except showing you the current time and eventually prolonging the battery life.

Low Battery Icon

Far From The World

3. Plane Icon

The icon signifies that your Apple Watch is in Airplane Mode. Having said this, being in this mode, you’ll have zero access to your wireless features. Only the non-wireless functionalities can be used.

Airplane Mode Icon

4. Crescent Moon Icon

The symbol implies that your Watch is on Do Not Disturb Mode. In this mode, your Apple Watch display will neither light up nor ring on receiving any call or text. However, the alarm clock functionality will still work.

Do Not Disturb Icon

5. Dual Face Mask Icon

The symbol tells you that your Apple Watch is in Theater Mode. Here, the silent mode gets activated automatically, and the screen remains dark until the digital crown or tap is accessed on the screen. Having this feature will keep the screen dark all the time, no matter whether you have Apple Watch Series 5,6, or SE, which have the always-on retina display.

Theater Mode Icon

6. Bed Icon

As you may presume, the icon says your Apple Watch is in sleep mode. When in this mode, the display will turn off, and when you tap on the screen, the sleep timer will appear in front of you. You can set the time for sleep mode from the settings app.

Sleep Mode Icon

Staying Connected

7. Tiny Radar Icon

The icon signifies that your Apple Watch is connected to a Wi-Fi icon. You can turn on and off your Apple Watch’s Wi-Fi by tapping the tiny radar icon in the Control Center.

Wi-Fi Icon

8. Four Horizontal Dots

This icon can be noticed only in the Apple Watches having GPS + Cellular connectivity and is currently linked to a cellular network. The horizontal dots indicate the strength of your signal.

Cellular Network Strength Icon

9. Red Device With a Slash Over Icon

This icon implies that your watch isn’t connected to your iPhone. To remove this icon from your Apple Watch’s screen, consider bringing it close to your iPhone or check if the Airplane mode is turned on. If it’s on, turn it off.

iWatch Not Connected to iPhone Icon

10. Red Cross Mark Icon

If your Apple Watch has GPS connectivity and has lost a mobile network, you’ll find this sign on your Watch screen.

Cellular Network Connection Lost Icon

11. AirPlay Icon

You can switch the audio output by tapping on this icon in the Control Center. This is useful if you have paired different audio sources like speakers, headphones, and accessories.

AirPlay Icon

Icons That Require Attention

12. Droplet Icon

The icon indicates that the Water Lock Feature on your Apple Watch is on. It refrains your Apple Watch to perform certain functions. The list includes Wi-FI, Bluetooth, and other functions. Not just this, with the feature on, your watch won’t respond to taps. You can turn the feature on and off from the Control Center.

Water Lock Icon

13. Red Dot Icon

Don’t un-see this red dot on your Apple Watch unless you are busy. It means you have unread notifications.

Notifications Icon

14. Upward Arrow Icon

If you see this icon on your Apple Watch Screen, an app or functionality is using your location in the background.

Location ON Icon

15. The Lock Icon

As you may presume, the icon denotes that your Apple Watch is locked. Kindly enter your passcode to unlock the Watch.

Lock Icon

Icons for Active Apps

16. Running Icon

The icon usually is visible if you are using the workout app on your Watch. However, if you see the icon even when not using it, consider restarting your Apple Watch.

Workout Icon

17. Walkie Talkie Icon

Your Watch is using the Walkie-Talkie app on your Watch. It lets you get in touch with your friends remotely.

Walkie Talkie Icon

18. Turning Right Icon

This icon appears when your Apple Watch is using a third-party app for navigation. This should disappear automatically, soon after your navigation ends.

Third Party App Navigation Icon

19. Mic Icon

The icon can usually be seen when one or the other feature is listening to you. The list of functionalities includes talking with Siri, recording, handwashing, or Walkie-Talkie.

Microphone Icon

20. Striped Play Icon

This is the creative version of the traditional play button. Having said this, if your Apple Watch is playing audio, the icon will appear at the top of the screen.

Now Playing Icon

Signing off

We tried covering most of all icons and symbols that may reflect on your Apple Watch screen. In case we missed something, please let us know in the comment section below.

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