How to Turn Off Apple Watch Notifications

How to Turn Off Notifications on Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch is your constant companion, as this smartwatch can help you do many tasks you could have done with your iPhone. However, you need to control your Apple Watch notifications when you are in a library, theatre, or conference hall. When you activate Theater mode, this will mute the sound of Apple Watch and also disable ‘Raise to Wake.’ When you disable notifications, your paired iPhone will stop mirroring itself on your Apple Watch. Sounds interesting? Check this complete guide to turn off notifications on Apple Watch.

A step further, you can control mirroring iPhone alerts from third-party apps on your Apple Watch. Whether it is a stock or a downloaded app, you can always disable notifications on your Apple Watch. Here, we have discussed more than one way to manage notifications on your Apple Watch.

How to Disable Apple Watch Notifications

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Turning off notifications will not prevent your watch from receiving a call on the wrist. You can always make or take calls even as notifications are turned off.

How to Hide Notifications on Apple Watch

Step #1. Open the Watch app on your paired iPhone.

Open Watch app on your iPhone

Step #2. Tap on the My Watch tab; if already there, skip this step → Tap on Notifications.

Step #3. Now turn off Notifications Indicator, which is the very first option.

Turn off Allow Notifications in Notification Style on Apple Watch in iPhone

Step #4. And then, turn on Notification Privacy, which is below the Notifications Indicator.

Turn on Notification Privacy Indicator on Apple Watch

Notification Privacy keeps your notified contents private to you; this will prevent the pop-ups on your Apple Watch. You cannot see notifications while they are still there on your Apple Watch. To see those hidden notifications, you need to swipe down on the watch face and check the notifications.

Turn Off Notifications for Stock Apps on Apple Watch

On your Apple Watch, you may receive notifications every day for apps like Activity, Breath, Mail, Messages, Stocks, Weather, and Workout. These apps are meant to mirror your iPhone, but you can decide which apps should send notifications from your iPhone to the Apple Watch.

Step #1. Launch Watch app on your iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on the My Watch tab from the bottom menu → Tap on Notifications.

Tap on Notifications in Watch app on iPhone

Step #3. Next, tap on any stock app you want to disable notifications for. I have selected the Activity app here.

Step #4. Tap on the Notifications Off option.

Some stock apps (Breath and Activity) allow you to customize your selection for notifications.

These apps offer three options: Allow Notifications, Send to Notification Center, and Notifications Off.

When you choose Allow Notifications, it obviously sends notifications to your watch. Send to Notification Center will show you notifications only when you swipe down your watch face; there won’t be any pop-up on your Apple Watch. Notifications Off mean you won’t receive notifications at all.

Choose Allow Notifications on Apple Watch

Turn off Notifications for Third-Party Apps on Apple Watch

Your iPhone mirrors third-party app data to your Apple Watch. To stop receiving notifications for third-party or downloaded apps on Apple Watch, you need to disable that app in the Watch app on your iPhone.

Step #1. Launch Watch app on your iPhone.

Step #2. Under the Watch tab → , Tap on Notifications.

Tap on Notifications in Watch app on iPhone

Step #3. Scroll down and find all third-party apps below MIRROR IPHONE ALERTS FROM:

You have to select the app and turn off the toggle. Follow the process to turn off notifications for multiple third-party apps on Apple Watch.

Turn off Allow Notifications in Notification Style on Apple Watch in iPhone

Disable Notifications on the Fly on Apple Watch

Apple first launched this feature in its watchOS 5. When you enable this feature on your Apple Watch, the message will be delivered quietly to your Apple Watch. You can see those messages from Notification Center only. You can set this feature for individual apps on the fly. Remember, this will turn off notification pop-ups on your watch. For this purpose, you don’t need to use your iPhone as the entire action takes place on your Apple Watch.

Step #1. When a notification pops up on your Apple Watch screen, swipe left on that message/notification.

Swipe Left on Notification in Apple Watch

Step #2. Two options will appear – More (…) and a Delete icon.

Step #3. Tap on More (…).

Tap on More Icon in Apple Watch

Step #4. You can see two options: Deliver Quietly and Turn Off on Apple Watch.

Choose Between Deliver Quietly or Turn Off Option on Apple Watch

If you choose to Deliver Quietly, the message will be sent straight to Notification Center. And if you select Turn Off on Apple Watch, it will remove notifications for that particular app.

How to Disable Notifications on Apple Watch and iPhone

When you decide not to receive any notifications on your watch and phone, you can take this step. Remember, this will stop all the notifications for all the apps you select. And you have to use your iPhone to disable notifications entirely.

Step #1. Launch the Settings app and tap on Notifications on your iPhone.

Tap on Settings then Notifications in WhatsApp on iPhone

Step #2. Select any app under NOTIFICATION STYLE and then turn off the Allow Notifications toggle.

Turn off Allow Notifications in Notification Style on Apple Watch in iPhone

You can disable notifications for more than one app on your iPhone and iPad by following the same method.

That’s all friends!

Wrapping up…

There are certain situations when users have to turn off notifications to avoid an embarrassing situation. Apple, therefore, gives options to manage notifications on your Apple Watch. Have you started exploring this feature on your smartwatch?

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