Best Apple Watch Podcast Apps in 2020

With the latest WatchOS 6 update, all the Apple Watches – Series 1 and later models, have now got their very own App Store. You no longer have to rely on your iPhone to download an app on your smartwatch; you can now do so directly.

To say Apple lovers across the globe are happy with this update would be an understatement. In this app round-up, we have selected the best podcast apps for Apple Watch, so that you don’t have to depend on your iPhone for podcasts anymore.

Podcasts have become a very integral part of our lives now. Fictional, educational, comedy, informative, sports, kids, crime, culture, and many more you name the genre or category, and there would be podcasts on that. Don’t clutter your iPhone with multiple apps to listen to podcasts, when you can directly download those apps on your Apple Watch.

Best Podcast Apps for Apple Watch in 2020

#1. Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts Apple Watch App Screenshot

For anyone who has been using Apple Podcasts know that it is one of the best podcast apps across all of Apple ecosystem. With a great collection of podcasts ranging from a multitude of genres and categories. All the artists have now started preferring getting their content on this Apple Stock app.

With this app, you have access to stream 750,000+ shows with over 20 million episodes. You can subscribe to any of the shows for free, and you would be notified for every time a new podcast is available of that show. You can also browse the best shows picked by the editors if you wish to.

Price: Free

#2. Spotify

Spotifty Apple Watch Podcast App Screenshot

If the iPhone is the king of the smartphone market, then Spotify is the prince of the podcast apps. While there are people, who prefer Apple Podcasts over Spotify, the larger chunk of podcast lovers prefer Spotify for its original podcast series that are unique and fresh.

Spotify has thousands of podcasts along with great original content that will keep you hooked on to this app. The app can now be downloaded on your Apple Watch, making it even easier to stream podcasts on the go. The original content that I am gushing about can only be streamed on Spotify and nowhere else.

Price: Free (Spotify Premium: $8.99)

#3. TuneIn

TuneIn Apple Watch Podcast App Screenshot

The TuneIn radio is a great alternative to the Apple stock podcast app. The NFL Radio is an added bonus because let’s all face it, the lack of radio on an iPhone bothers us but not anymore. Download this app on your Apple Watch App Store and enjoy podcasts and radios anytime, anywhere.

Stream real radio stations from around the world live along with your favorite podcasts right from your wrist. You could browse across a lot of podcast shows and episodes from your favorite genre and categories. The app also allows you access to over 40,000 audiobooks to let your imagination run wild.

Price: Free (TuneIn Premium: $7.99)

#4. iHeartRadio

iHeart Radio Apple Watch Podcast App Screenshot

iHeartRadio is the perfect app for people who want a multi-functional app. This podcast app has music, radio, and of-course podcasts. Follow your favorite podcasts and make sure that you don’t miss out on a single feature of this app.

The app collects all of the songs you love in one free personalized station called ‘My Favorites Radio,’ which is uniquely curated just for you. The playlists are not only limited to your favorite music and songs; the app also curates a playlist based on your favorite podcasts and artists. The personally curated playlists give this app an edge over all other apps.

Price: Free (iHeartRadio Plus: $5.99)

#5. The Podcast Player

Podcast Player Apple Watch App Screenshot

This app is one of the best podcast apps for Apple Watch. The app also acts as a podcast player so that you could find, save, download, and listen to your favorite podcasts anytime. This app also has great FM radio channels along with dozens of audiobooks that you could listen to.

This podcast player allows you access to over 95 million audio content including podcasts, audiobooks, FM radio on your watch in over 27+ countries. Discover popular podcasts on various topics including TV Series, News and Politics, Hobbies and Games, and a lot more. Imagine listening to Game On Thrones podcast; trust me its super fun.

Price: Free (Castbox Premium: $9.99)

#6. Overcast

Overcast Apple Watch Podcast App Screenshot

The Overcast app is a perfect app for people who love to have an app that is solely focused on podcasts. It is the perfect podcast app for your Apple Watch with a very simple interface. It is a very powerful yet simple podcast player that allows you to browse through a multitude of podcasts from different genres and categories.

The app is also jam-packed with features like smart speed, voice boost for a better listening experience. The smart playlists feature allows you to listen to more podcasts and try new shows, all the while giving you complete control and reigns over your experience.

Price: Free (Overcast Premium: $9.99)

#7. Castro

Castro Podcast Player Apple Watch App Screenshot

Castro is a wonderful podcast player that is crammed with features, that make it easier to track your current podcasts. The app also allows you to manage multiple shows at the same time, right on your smartwatch. Keeping it all easy on your wrist, you can easily skip the tracks you don’t wish to play.

This podcast app has a very simple interface that doesn’t hurt your hand while trying to operate the app. So basically all the new episodes land in the new tab, browse your library to review the back catalog, quickly access starred shows, and see your listening history with just a couple of taps.

Price: Free (Castro Plus: $5.99)

#8. Downcast

Downcast Apple Watch Podcast App Screenshot

A powerful, complete, and easy to use podcast player that will help you manage and listen to podcasts the way you want to straightaway from your Apple Watch. You can subscribe to all your favorite podcasts from your favorite genre and categories that tickle your brain cells.

The podcasts feed on your favorite podcasters to be updated and in the loop. The app allows you to view the details of your preferred podcast details and episode show notes on your wrist, making the app super useful. Downcast is the perfect podcast app for your smartwatch.

Price: $2.99 (Motivating Tip: $5.99)

#9. Pocket Cast

Pocket Cast Apple Watch Podcast App Screenshot

This podcast app is the world’s most powerful podcast platform, an app by listeners, for listeners. This app provides you a next-level listening experience with a solid back-up of search and discovery tools.

It is high-time you to come across your next favorite podcast with the help of the apps personally curated podcast recommendations for easy discovery. You can enjoy playing and subscribing to your favorite podcasts by seamlessly subscribing to them for a hassle-free experience.

Price: Free (Plus Yearly: $9.99)

#10. Outcast

Outcast Apple Watch Podcast App Screenshot

Outcast is the best standalone podcast player for Apple Watch. You could leave your phone at home and browse or play podcasts while you’re on the go; provided you have the Apple Watch Series 4 or 5 in the cellular variance. What are you waiting for go right ahead and download this amazing app.

This app allows you to search, download, stream podcasts directly from your watch; on top of it, you can also create playlists straightaway from your smartwatch. Additionally to all these features, you could also view the chapters, episodes of the podcasts, and adjust playback duration on your smartwatch.

Price: $0.99

Signing Off…

If we have missed out on your favorite podcast app, then you can bring it to our notice by mentioning it in the comments below. Also, let us know in the comments below if you want us to do some more Apple Watch apps round-ups.

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