Apple Watch is still quite new to both the tech world and users. It’s going to take some time before users can get used to the functions of Apple Watch and be able to master it. Hence, this is the best time to discover the hidden tricks that can help improve how you use your Watch.

There is a smart trick that can let you force quit an app on your Apple Watch. If you wonder why you really need to force close an app, let me tell you that it can be very helpful when an app suddenly becomes unresponsive or simply get stuck and doesn’t seem to respond. Should you desire to know how you can do it, let me take you through the process!

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How to Force Quit Apple Watch Apps

How to Kill/Force Quit Apple Watch Apps

Step #1. Press and hold on the side button of your Apple Watch till you see the power down menu on the screen.

Step #2. Release the side button.

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Step #3. Press and hold on the side button again to force close the active app. When the app is closed, you will be taken to the Home screen of your watch.

Assuming the app has been closed.

Restart Your Apple Watch

But, if you are still unable to force close the app, then restart your Apple Watch.

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  • Press and hold on the side button to bring up the power down option on the screen. Then, drag the Power Off slider to the right side.
  • Press and hold on the side button again until you see Apple logo on the screen.

There is another option which can be worth trying to resolve this tiny issue.

Reboot Your Apple Watch

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  • Hold down the Digital Crown and side button simultaneously to reboot your Watch. It can potentially solve this issue.

That’s it!