How to Force Quit Apple Watch Apps

Sometimes, the only way you can fix the frozen apps on your Apple Watch is to kill them. Let me show you how to force quit the unresponsive apps on Apple Watch!

Till a few moments ago, an app was running smoothly on your Apple Watch. Suddenly, the problem creeps in, and it completely stops responding to your touch. Don’t panic as you can quickly fix the issue by killing the frozen app on your Apple Watch.

Frankly speaking; it’s not unusual for apps to get stuck or become unresponsive. And the culprits behind it could be a momentary glitch, bug or the old software version. Therefore, we have to be prepared to deal with them from time to time. Find out it’s done!

How to Kill/Force Quit Apps on Apple Watch

Step #1. Supposing you are in the problematic app, press and hold the side button till the power down screen appears.

Step #2. Now, press and hold the Digital Crown. The unresponsive app will be closed, and you will be on the Home screen.

Force Quit Apps on Apple Watch

That’s pretty much it!

Bring this little fix into action every time an app starts to misbehave. It would work immaculately in troubleshooting the issue.

Over To You…

There are many ways you can make apps run smoothly on your smartwatch. First and foremost, keep your wearable device updated. And the second; update the apps frequently to prevent them from being plagued by issues.

Besides, do not let old apps clutter your smartwatch. Keep track of them and delete the ones that are no longer needed.

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