Best Apple Watch Music Apps in 2020

With Apple being always right on your wrist, you would have addictive music experience. Needless to carry your phone around just to listen to music, your Apple Watch is more than just capable of making your music time more enchanting than ever before.

Ready to have a glance at some of the best Apple Watch music apps? From letting you customize your favorite radio stations to keeping you hooked on the music you always long to listen, these music apps are truly exceptional. Let’s see which one is able to steal your heart!

#1. Spotify

Spotify Apple Watch Music App Screenshot

“Spotify” is deservedly ranked as the number one music app across the platform. What makes this music app stand out from the rest is the massive library of millions of songs and more personalized recommendations.

So, you can search for any track, album, or artist and craft playlists to quickly access all of your favorites. On your Apple Watch, you can easily navigate through your collection and control your music with ease.

With the impressive sound quality and neat interface, Spotify won’t take much time to carve out a permanent place in your music world.

Price: Free/In-App Purchases

#2. Pandora Streaming

Pandora Streaming Music Apple Watch App Screenshot

Pandora Streaming has always been an outstanding music app. In its latest version which has the support of Apple Watch, it allows you to view the song name and artist at a glance. You can thumb up tracks which you enjoy. Moreover, it now lets you pause playback and even change stations right from your wrist.

It is equipped to make your favorite playlists in the easiest possible manner. Simply begin with the song, genres, or artist and this app will instantly present you the list of songs which you always crave to listen.

You can create your customized station to play only your preferred songs. It allows you to create as many as 100 personalized stations. With this app installed on your Apple Watch, the entire world of music will be just a tap away from you.

Price: Free

#3. Shazam

Shazam Apple Watch Music App Screenshot

Shazam is an amazing music app which is sure to bring a delightful experience of playing music on your Apple Watch. With the use of this music app, you can instantly find out which song is playing on your Apple Watch. Simply swipe up to see the past songs.

You can turn on Auto Shazam to let it find new tunes for you. With the use of Handoff on Apple Watch, you can buy songs on iTunes and even catch up with videos. If you are in quest of a highly user-friendly music app, you don’t need to go beyond Shazam.

Price: Free

#4. SoundHound

SoundHound Apple Watch Music App Screenshot

SoundHound provides you a unique experience in music search and discovery. It is equipped to identify songs being played around you in a quick time. Once you have identified any song, you play it, see its lyrics, share it on Facebook or Twitter, add to your Spotify or radio playlist or even buy it. Also, you can access the memorable photos of artists and their biographies.

This app has been updated to show song names and lyrics beautifully scrolling in sync with the song played on your Apple Watch. With just a tap on your Apple Watch, you can identify a song. All your songs are saved on SoundHound. You can launch it to play or purchase any song. Moreover, it allows you to create an iTunes Radio station on your iPhone or iPod as well.

With SoundHound, you will never miss a chance of getting to know everything about the music you love listening.

Price: Free


iHeartRadio Apple Watch Music App Screenshot

“iHeartRadio” promises to be a one-stop-station for your music, radio, and podcast. And looking at what it delivers, I can say firmly that it can prove to be a safe bet.

Using this app, you can instantly discover highly appreciable radio stations and tune into them as and when you want. Apart from famous radio programs, the app creates a custom station to let you easily access all of your favorite tracks.

Like tracking sports scores as well? iHeartRadio also lets you tune into several sports stations such as ESPN Radio and Fox Sports so that you never miss any big update.

Price: Free

#6. TuneIn Radio Pro

TuneIn Pro Apple Watch Music App Screenshot

With more than 100, 000 radio stations that include sports, news music, and talk radio, TuneIn Radio Pro has excellence written all over it. As it is free of display ads, you would always feel like tuning in to it. It allows you to record your favorite music so that you can listen to it anytime you want.

This app allows you to change stations, switch to new and related stations, pause and skip contents, follow stations and shows on Apple Watch. You can quickly view the songs which are playing live to your home feed.

If you want more than just a simple music app, you need to give it a serious look.

Price: $9.99

#7. Deezer

Deezer Music & Podcast Player Apple Watch App Screenshot

“Deezer” is what you need to have to savor high-quality audio. The app has got an enviable library of over 53 million tracks that speak volume of what it has to offer.

Besides, it keeps a close watch on what rules your music time and suggests songs accordingly. Thus, when you want to tune into some great music, chances are high that you will find some nice ones right up there.

That’s not all, Deezer also lets you catch up with your favorite podcasts, live sports and radio stations.

Price: Free

#8. Overcast

Overcast Apple Watch Music App Screenshot

Overcast has been enhanced to be compatible with Apple Watch. It has been optimized to consume less battery on your Apple Watch.

Overcast has some useful features such as Smart Speed, Voice Boost, and Smarter Playlists to let you listen to podcasts as conveniently as you desire. You can download podcasts to catch up with them anytime you want.

It allows you to search and browse new podcasts. Also, you get recommendations on Twitter as well regarding podcasts. You can create your own playlists as per your liking. Through push notifications, you are always updated whenever any new episode arrives.

Price: Free

#9. Musixmatch

Musixmatch Lyrics Finder Apple Watch App Screenshot

Musixmatch has come up with an enchanting UI design for Apple Watch. You can read lyrics while listening to music on your watch. The redesigned search for the Watch is a lot faster than ever before.

This music app has one of the largest lyrics catalogs. It allows you to play various kinds of music with synced lyrics. You can quickly search the lyrics of any song and be able to play it on YouTube. In case, you forget the title of the song you want to play, simply type part of the lyrics, and it will find the song for you instantly.

Your soulful lyrics are stored in your personal profile that you can access from too.

Price: Free

#10. Apple Music

Apple Music Apple Watch App Screenshot

If you are deep into the Apple ecosystem, “Apple Music” has to be your top bet. The prime reason why I find Apple’s music-streaming service a cut above the rest on iDevices is the seamless integration.

Plus, the Music app for watchOS has a bit more intuitive interface. As it perfectly works with Siri, you can take control of your music more comfortably.

On top of all, around 50 million tracks ensure you don’t have to look beyond to find a special song. To get the most out of this app, check out these super handy tips.

Price: Subscription

That’s all, friends! So, these are my favorite music apps for Apple Watch.

What’s your pick?

Can I expect your music time to be more lively now than ever before? Do share your thoughts about your top pics and what makes them great.

Best Apple Watch Music Apps

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Best Apple Watch Music Apps
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