Best Twitter apps for iPhone to enhance your experience (2022)

Best Twitter Apps for iPhone and iPad

Love using Twitter? Then you need the right apps to optimize your experience of tweeting, keeping up with the world, and making the most of all the different features this popular social media platform offers. Every user’s needs are different, and there are plenty of options to help you personalize your experience. Explore them all with these best Twitter apps for iPhone and iPad.

  1. Twitter
  2. Twitterific
  3. Circleboom
  4. Tweetbot 6
  5. Hootsuite
  6. Echofon for Twitter
  7. Tweetlogix
  8. Fenix
  9. Janetter
  10. Tweetings

1. Twitter

Twitter iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

The default Twitter app, of course, provides an excellent experience for anyone who enjoys keeping up with what’s happening around the world. See what’s trending and join in the conversation. The interface is incredibly intuitive and well-laid-out.

Further, you can chat privately or even start a group conversation with anyone who follows you. There are plenty of other cool features to keep you engaged and informed, like live streaming events on everything from news and sports to entertainment, gaming, and more.

Price: Free


2. Editor’s Choice – Twitterific

Twitterrific iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Here’s an award-winning Twitter app that takes away the clutter of promoted tweets. You can even customize it to hide tweets containing specific words, phrases, hashtags, or people.

Further, you can make it look the way you want with fonts, appearances, image thumbnails, and more. You can quickly respond to tweets, switch accounts, or view conversation threads with minimal effort. It also helps you find fun GIFs and videos, and your reading position is synced across your iPhone and iPad.

Price: Free (Monthly: $0.99)


3. Circleboom – Twitter Tracker

Circleboom Twitter Tracker iOS app

Posting/tweeting regularly is just one part of the job. Another exhausting task is to know what to post and when to post. And to nail that, you’ll need in-depth insights into your followers, unfollows, previous tweets, hashtags, keywords, etc.   

Circleboom can bring all this and more info to your fingertips, from active/inactive followers to spammers, best tweet time to interest clouds. Moreover, you can bulk unlike tweets or delete retweets in just one click.   

The best part is that it boasts a super-simple interface and is available on iPhone and web. To know more about the app, check our in-depth review.

Price: Free (Pro – $11.99/Month)  


4. Tweetbot 6 for Twitter

Tweetbot 6 for Twitter app for iphone and ipadTweetbot-6-for-Twitter-app-for-iphone-ipad

Tweetbot is an award-winning iOS Twitter app that boasts blazing fast performance, chronological timelines, and no ads for a clutter-free experience. You can view your timeline just the way you like and prioritize the tweets you want to see.

Further, you can create Twitter Lists as multiple timelines and view them as you like. Stay organized by syncing your unread status and timeline position across all your devices.

Price: Free


5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you’re juggling multiple social media accounts or creating content for an audience, you should check out this social media management app. It makes it a breeze to create and publish posts, edit drafts, and schedule things in advance.

The AutoScheduler feature will make your life easier by publishing your tweets at the best time. Further, you can keep a tab on your likes, retweets, comments, etc., for efficient brand management.

Price: Free (Pro: $14.99)


6. Echofon for Twitter

Echofon iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Super fast and powerful yet easy to use – this Twitter app for iPhone and iPad checks all the boxes when it comes to an ideal experience. It boasts a beautiful interface and a plethora of features.

The threaded conversation mode simplifies connecting with your Twitter followers. You can also quickly mute selected users, hashtags, and other unwanted content. Moreover, you can access all your Twitter accounts in one place.

Price: Free


7. Tweetlogix

Tweetlogix iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Get the most out of Twitter with this customizable client. Cut out the noise and focus on the content you genuinely want to see. Further, add customization with your own color themes, Twitter lists, search nearby, and more.

The app makes it convenient to filter content according to your preferences. Plus, you can mute users, keywords, phrases, retweets, etc., to prevent distractions. Create Twitter lists and when composing posts, speed things up with features like auto-completion of usernames and hashtags.

Price: Free (Pro: $4.99)


8. Fenix for Twitter

Fenix iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Get a fresh and modern experience on the Twitterverse with this ad-free app that lets you browse your timeline in an intuitive and chronological order. You can even mute noisy or unwanted users, hashtags, and keywords.

Further, take advantage of customizable main screen tabs, an excellent multi-column layout on iPad, and powerful widgets that give you access to your timeline, mentions, and lists right from your device’s home screen.

Price: $4.99


9. Janetter for Twitter

Janetter iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Here’s a Twitter app specially designed for iPad. It’s suitable for multi-account use, and you can quickly cycle through bookmarked Timelines by just swiping. It also supports different Timeline displays like lists and searches.

It allows you to assign the tap, double-tap, and hold actions on tweets to your preferred functions. You can also use the Mute feature to hide tweets with specific keywords or from particular users or apps.

Price: Free


10. Tweetings

Tweetings iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Tweetings is a Twitter client that boasts an extensive list of customizable and user-friendly features. It supports automatic light and dark modes to work well with your iPhone and iPad. It also supports 3D touch on supported devices.

Further, you can send a tweet using Siri, Spotlight search to find your friends, quickly edit tweets, mute users, hashtags, and more. The distinguishing feature is that it also works on Apple Watch so that you can use Twitter from your wrist.

Price: $1.99


Which Twitter app do you love using on your iPhone or iPad? Share your recommendations in the comments below. You might also want to check out how to download Twitter videos.

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