How to Download Twitter Videos on iPhone and Android?

While browsing Twitter, we frequently come across video clips that are worth sharing. But Twitter does not offer a native video download option. So, we have to use other third-party apps and websites to get the job done. Let me show you how to download Twitter videos on iPhone, Android, and Computer.

How to Save Twitter Videos to iPhone Camera Roll

There are two primary ways to download videos from Twitter to camera roll on iPhone. One involves Shortcuts, and the other uses third party iOS file manager apps. Let me show you both.

I. Using Shortcuts

Before you begin: Make sure you have allowed Untrusted Shortcuts from the Settings app → Shortcuts → Enable Allow Untrusted Shortcuts → Allow → enter device passcode.

tap on shortcuts and tap on toggle next to allow untrusted shortcuts in iphone settings

enable allow untrusted shortcuts on iphone

If you can’t enable it, open the Shortcuts app and run any shortcut you see under My Shortcuts. Now, come back and turn on the toggle for Allow Untrusted Shortcuts.

  1. Add the “Twitter Video Downloader V2.6” shortcut to your library. To do so, tap on the link, scroll to the bottom and tap on Add Untrusted Shortcut.add twitter video downloader to shortcuts on iphone
  2. Open the Twitter app. Visit the tweet with the video you wish to download.
  3. Tap the share icon. Tap Share Tweet via… Scroll down the Share Sheet and tap on Twitter Video Downloader.tap on share and tap on share tweet via then tap twitter video downloader
  4. Let the shortcut run. Give it the necessary permissions (tap OK) if it asks now or in the next step.
  5. Choose video quality. It will begin to download the video. You will see a successful confirmation on the screen when it is done.tap on ok and select video quality then tap on ok again to download twitter video on iphone using shortcuts

Now, open the Photos app, and you have the video there!

This is a straightforward way. Once you add the shortcut, all future Twitter video downloads are smooth. Now, let me show you another method.

Video: Download Twitter Videos to iPhone Camera Roll Using Shortcuts

II. Using MyMedia File Manager App

  1. Download MyMedia file manager for free from the App Store.
  2. Copy the tweet link. You can do so from the Twitter app or browser.tap on share and then tap on copy link to tweet in twitter on iphone
  3. Open MyMedia, tap on the address bar at the top and visit
  4. Paste the tweet URL in the appropriate box and hit Download.visit paste tweet link and tap on download on iphone
  5. Scroll past the ads, and tap Download Video for the desired video resolution. (Higher the number = better video quality.)
  6. Tap on Download the File.
  7. Enter any video file name and tap on twitter video on mymedia file manager app
  8. Downloading will begin immediately after it completes, tap on Back from the upper right. Next, tap on Media from the bottom row.tap on back in downloading window and then tap on media
  9. You will see the video file here, tap on the video, and choose Save to Camera Roll. Give the app permission to access Photos, if asked. Tap on Open in Other Apps or Export File to share the video directly from here.tap on video file and select save to camera roll to download twitter video on iphone using mymedia app

Video: Save Twitter Videos on iPhone Using MyMedia

How to Download Twitter Videos on Android

  1. Install Download Twitter Videos for free from the Play Store. (You may also use other Twitter video downloader apps like +Download 4 Instagram Twitter.)
  2. Open the Twitter app and visit the Tweet that has the video.
  3. Tap on the tiny share iconShare Tweet via… → Choose Download Twitter.tap on share select share tweet via and then tap on download twitter on android device
  4. Give the necessary access permissions, if asked. Choose a video quality (HD = high definition, which is the best video quality. SD = standard definition.) If the video starts playing, tap on the back button.
  5. The download will begin immediately. The file will be saved to the Gallery (photos app). You may also tap the share icon here and send it directly to chat twitter video on android device

Note: If instead of the Twitter app, you use a browser, tap on the Share icon, and then tap on Copy link to Tweet. Next, open Download Twitter Videos app and paste the link there and tap the download icon from the lower-right. Choose video quality and the download will begin immediately.tap on share and select copy to link to tweet and paste it into download twitter videos apptap on download and choose video quality to download twitter video on android device

How to Download Twitter Videos to Computer

  1. Copy the tweet link. To do this, click on the upward arrow icon and choose Copy link to on share in twitter on computerclick on copy link to tweet in twitter
  2. Visit (Or, search for Twitter video download and use any website you like).
  3. Paste the tweet link in the box here.
  4. Click on Download MP4 or Download MP4 twitter videos to computer

Signing off…

This is how you can download videos from Twitter on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. You can also download Facebook videos in the same way. Next, you may like to read about some of the best Twitter apps and social media apps.

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