Best RSS Reader Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

RSS feed readers make it a lot straightforward to access and browse through articles you like reading. Everything you find interesting or love to glance through is beautifully presented in one place. If you have decided to enrich your reading experience, take a look at the best RSS reader apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020.

#1. Flipboard

Flipboard RSS Reader iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Flipboard is one of the most loved news apps that also functions admirably as a handy RSS reader. It’s home to everything you want to read from politics to photography; technology to health and fitness, fashion to food.

You can create up to 10 smart magazines to have instant access to the sort of articles you like reading. Based on what catches your eyeballs, it also suggests articles so that you can have easy access to everything you are passionate about.

Even better, it also lets you read top tweets from reputable sources so that you remain in the loop. Additionally, Flipboard is available in 25 local editions, including versions for Australia, Brazil, Turkey, India, and China.

Price: Free

#2. Feedly

Feedly RSS Reader iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Feedly is one of the best RSS reader apps for iPhone and iPad and a must-have for learners as well as passionate readers. The app lets you organize your blogs, publications, and even YouTube channels so that you can quickly access everything you want to read.

It presents your articles in an easy-to-read format. Hence, you enjoy reading with complete peace of mind. As Feedly is connected with more than 40 million feeds, you will get to read anything and everything you like reading. Moreover, it is integrated with several services like Twitter, Facebook to let you share your favorite articles with your friends and followers.

Price: Free

#3. Newsify

Newsify RSS Reader iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Newsify does a lot more besides just providing an RSS feed option on your iOS device. To me, the USP of this app is the newspaper-like layout which makes it great for reading websites and blogs.

There is a night mode to let you comfortably read articles at night. It has three cool themes like light sepia and grey which can hugely enhance your reading experience.

Make your own library and sync it with iCloud to read the articles on all your devices. You can also add custom feed URLs and share your favorite articles via multiple services like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Since it also works offline, your reading time won’t be hampered by the poor Internet connection. That’s not all; you can unlock more features by upgrading to the premium version of the app through in-app purchase.

Price: Free

#4. Telescope

Telescope iPhone RSS Reader App Screenshot

For staying updated with all the latest happenings or keeping a tab on your favorite stories, you can’t go wrong with Telescope. Using this fully-featured RSS reader, you can subscribe to all the major sources including Bloomberg, Forbes, New York Times, The Washington Times, and more. Besides, you also have the freedom to add any of your favorite RSS URLs to make cool syndication of top new sources.

While exploring articles, if you find any story interesting enough, you can save it to read later. For easier access to all the saved stories, the app features a Reading List tab, which I find quite helpful as a reader.

What’s more, you can sort your home feed based on multiple filters like “Hot”, “New”, “Top of Today” and “Top of the week” to quickly access the stories you like reading. Not just that, the app also lets you block posts which you find inappropriate – yet another plus from a reading perspective.

Price: Free

#5. Inoreader

Inoreader RSS Reader iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

It would really have been a big mistake to miss out on such a fine RSS feed reader like Inoreader. If you want to keep a tab on the latest news with ease, it would be a great pick. The best thing about this app is that it allows you to track news based on specific keyboards.

While browsing the web if you find anything worth reading, you can save it to read later. The RSS reader keeps a tab on what you have read. As a result, it shows only the unread items. Furthermore, you can update to the premium version of the app to unlock features like offline reading, active search, and more.

Price: Free

#6. RSS Reader iPhone and iPad App Screenshot is pretty simple and makes browsing your news feeds a hassle-free task. As the app supports most RSS and Atom feeds, you will be able to access articles from top sources. You can star posts and also mark them as unread in order to easily find them later to read.

Feeder allows you to view all of your unread articles in one consolidated list. It also sends you the push notification whenever any new post appears. You can choose how often your feed should get updated and even edit feeds and folders to suit your needs better.

Price: Free

#7. Free RSS Reader

Free RSS Reader iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Are you always excited to know what’s going on around you? Want to get the latest news of technology and gadgets on your fingertips? Then, try Free RSS Reader app on your iOS device.

The websites or blogs supporting RSS feed can be used in this app. Once you follow them via RSS feed, you are sure to get the best news and blogs at your fingertips. You can easily open the links through the inbuilt app browser. Share the content with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn just with a touch!

Price: Free

#8. Heartfeed RSS Reader

Heartfeed RSS Reader iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Heartfeed RSS Reader may not be as popular as some of its highly celebrated rivals but as far as functionality is concerned it’s second to none. The app uses a compact grid to present your article in an easy to navigate format. Hence, you are able to browse through posts and find out the ones you like without spending much time.

With the use of the built-in browser, you can search for articles and news on the web. It also supports bookmarks and allows you to access them on your Mac. Once you have read articles, they are marked in the grid so that you can see the ones you have already read.

Price: Free

#9. Fiery Feeds

fiery feeds iphone and ipad app

Check out this highly customizable and feature-rich feed reader and read-it-later client that syncs with almost any service you can think of. Hotlinks help you find the most referenced websites in your article folders can be organized according to which sites post more or less frequently.

It also supports sharing to other apps and websites. Further, a Safari extension lets you subscribe to new feeds and save links to read later. There are lots more features such as a Today Widget that displays the newest articles across all services.

Price: Free

#10. Feeddler

Feeddler RSS Reader iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Feeddler is one of the RSS reader apps for iPhone and iPad ever built. It’s got features that would take us ages to find them all; they’re quite powerful too.

Highly user-friendly features like offline reading, Gesture-based controls, full-screen browsing, UI customization like night-mode, make it a great for reading. With the support of Evernote, it lets you save RSS articles, web pages, images, and PDF to let you catch up with them later.

Almost everything you’d want from an RSS reader that usually comes with a price tag; is absolutely free in Feeddler.

Price: Free

That’s all!

Your pick?

So, have you chosen your favorite RSS reader app? Do let us know its name and the features you have admired in it.

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