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iGBHow-toiPhone volume buttons not working in iOS 17? 10 Quick fixes!

iPhone volume buttons not working in iOS 17? 10 Quick fixes!

No one should have to click multiple times to adjust their iPhone’s volume; of course, not when the volume buttons are there to ease the task. But an iPhone with faulty volume buttons is as bad as a deadbeat, let’s face it. It means you can’t reduce or increase its volume without going through unnecessary stress.

If your iPhone’s volume buttons are not working after the iOS 17 update, this article is for you! Keep reading as I show you all the possible fixes.

How to fix iPhone volume buttons not working after iOS 17 update

1. Ensure volume buttons are enabled

Did you know you could deactivate your iPhone’s volume button from controlling alerts and ring volumes? Yes, you can. And you might’ve done so while playing around in your iPhone’s Settings. You might’ve even installed or used an app that prompted you to deactivate them from controlling alerts. It’s just always possible to click and authorize actions mistakenly or ignorantly.

So, checking if those volume buttons are currently deactivated might help you fix the problem already. To inspect and activate the volume buttons for alerts and the ringer on your iPhone:

  1. Launch Settings → Select Sound and Haptics menu.
  2. Toggle on Change with Buttons.

    Sound & Haptics, Change with buttons

2. Check the side Silent/Ringer button

There’s a small toggle by the side of your iPhone, just above the volume buttons, that controls ringing and alerts. Pushing it down shows a reddish region. This means your iPhone is on silent mode.

So, check if it’s toggled down or up. And then push it up if it’s down. Now, your iPhone will indicate whether the ringer is on or off on the screen itself.

3. Remove the iPhone from its case

So this looks like it doesn’t make a difference, but it does, sometimes. Some iPhone cases are faulty around the side button areas. So, they obstruct accessibility to sound adjustment with the volume buttons.

Besides, your phone’s case might be old and, as a result, hardened around the volume buttons. This also makes it stuck and difficult to press. So you might want to remove your iPhone from its pouch or case and try adjusting the volume again.

If you discover that your phone’s case is the cause, it’s time to find a new one that matches your iPhone model.

4. Clean iPhone volume buttons

Over time, dirt, dust, and debris can accumulate around volume buttons, affecting their functionality. To resolve this issue,

  • Turn off your iPhone to avoid accidental touches.
  • Gently clean the buttons using compressed air or a soft-bristled brush.
  • Don’t use liquid cleaning solutions, as they could damage the device.
  • Notice if the button is loose or struck, causing this failure.
Clean iPhone volume button

By ensuring the volume buttons are free from obstructions, you can restore proper functionality and control over your iPhone’s audio levels. However, I recommend not pressing the button too much, which could result in permanent and irreversible damage.

5. Restart iPhone

Like any other gadget, the iPhone isn’t exempted from temporary unit failure or malfunction, too. If your iPhone volume buttons still don’t work, it’s probably due to a temporary volume control malfunction. So restarting your iPhone might fix the volume buttons.

  1. Press and hold the power button until the slider appears on the screen.
  2. Then, slide it to power off your device.

    Power Off iPhone
  3. Let your device rest for a bit, and then turn on your device.

6. Force-quit and relaunch the app

Some apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram sometimes seize on the volume. And usually, even turning the volume buttons up or down doesn’t affect their sound output when they freeze.

For instance, I’ve experienced abrupt low volume on WhatsApp and Facebook on my iPhone a couple of times. And when it happens, trying to increase the volume with volume buttons doesn’t work.

If this happens to you, merely force-closing the apps and relaunching works.

7. Disable Focus mode

Another factor that could make your iPhone go silent and make it seem that the volume buttons have stopped working is active Focus mode. It minimizes distractions by filtering notifications and limiting incoming calls. However, it may affect the volume control’s abilities.

To rectify this issue,

  1. Access the Settings app → Select Focus.

    Disable Focus modes
  2. Look for any active Focus modes and turn them off.
  3. If Do Not Disturb or Sleep Mode is enabled, disable them as well.

8. Update iOS

Although this is rarely a cause for volume buttons not working on iPhone, some apps might fail to adjust volumes if your iOS is obsolete. So, besides the volume buttons, trying to increase or decrease the volume in Settings might not work either. Hence, updating your iOS to a more recent version might solve the problem.

  1. Go to Settings General Software Update.
  2. If there is an update available, tap Download and Install.

    General, Software Update, Download and Install iOS17

9. Contact Apple Support

If you have tried all the suggested solutions and still cannot resolve the issue with your iPhone, you may seek help from Apple Support. Their team of experts possesses in-depth knowledge and experience to troubleshoot complex technical problems with iPhones.

In case Apple Customer Care fails to rectify the issue over the telephone, I advise making a Genius Bar appointment at an Apple Store to examine physical damages. They have access to advanced resources and tools to diagnose and fix the issue efficiently.

10. Temporary solutions to control iPhone volume button

If you need support from Apple or want to make an appointment with the Genius Bar, it can take some time to get a callback. So, you will find it hard to adjust the volume on your device or perform other volume button functions.

Fret not! I have found some great alternative methods that do not require using the physical volume buttons. You can temporarily depend on any of these workarounds based on your needs.

I. Use Assistive Touch

You can perform the volume button functions, such as controlling the volume or taking screenshots virtually on your iPhone. All thanks to the AssistiveTouch.

The AssistiveTouch on iPhone is a powerful accessibility feature. It adds a virtual button on your screen. Within the button, you will get shortcuts to various functions of your iPhone.

Just invoke Siri and instruct it to Turn on AssistiveTouch. Then, you can easily access volume and screenshot controls without using physical buttons.

Change volume from AssitiveTouch

II. Use the Control Center

If you’re a fan of listening to music, volume buttons not clicking would make your life a living hell. However, a quick way around this problem lies in the Control Center.

Control volume from control center

Simply swipe down from the left side of your iPhone screen and adjust the volume slider to increase or decrease it as you like. Thus, you can control all the multimedia sounds on your device.

III. Control volume within Settings

As an added solution, you can change the media playback and ringer volume in iPhone Settings. Head on to Settings Sounds & Haptics. Then, drag the volume slider.

Sounds & Haptics, change the volume

IV. Ask Siri

Finally, you can ask Siri to change the volume controls of your device or capture screenshots. Siri will perform the commands quickly without needing you to touch your iPhone.

Note: If you have an Apple Watch or headphones paired, those can also help you manage the volume controls for your iPhone.

Turn up the volume!

iPhone volume buttons not working can be frustrating, but the fix is usually at your fingertips. Ultimately, one of the fixes in this article should work for you. Have you found a solution to your iPhone’s unresponsive volume buttons already? Let me know in the comment section below.

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