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How to contact Apple Support: Get help for your Apple device

Key Takeaways

  • A quick way to contact Apple Support via phone: Call 1-800-275-2273 in the US.
  • You can also contact Apple Support through or the Support app. Choose the issue, then access options like Chat, Email, Call, or Bring in for Repair.

When you encounter a problem with any Apple device or service or whether you’re a new Apple user, websites like ours are good places to find the solution. However, at times you might want specific information about your Apple ID, subscription plan, order status, repair options, refund, or personal one-on-one support. The best option in such situations is to contact Apple Support via live chat, telephone, or email.

Let me quickly show you the exact steps to contact Apple’s customer support team from your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or even Windows PC. Later, we will also see how to schedule an appointment with Apple Genius, find local store timings, and more.

How to contact Apple online live chat support team

  1. Visit on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC and choose the appropriate option.

    Visit and choose an option
  2. Select the problem you are facing.

    Select problem you are facing
  3. Based on what you selected, you will see options like Chat, Email, Call, Bring in for Repair.
  4. Let us choose Chat.

    Choose Chat to connect with Apple Customer Care Person
  5. Now you can find the serial number of your device and enter it here. Or, sign in using your Apple ID and choose a registered device.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions, and you will be connected to a customer care representative. Make sure you explain the problem well and calmly to get the best possible support.

    Chatting with Apple Support Representative

How to call Apple Support or schedule a callback from them

When you follow the steps mentioned above, you see the option to get a callback from Apple in addition to chat or other options. Just enter your phone number, a few basic details, and an Apple customer care representative will call you and help solve your problem.

You can also raise a case and call them when you are ready. Quote them the case ID for faster support.

How to call Apple Support or get a callback from them

You can call Apple on (800) MY–APPLE, that is (800–692–7753). To see more contact numbers, visit this link.

Pro Tip: When Apple makes a new announcement, head over to the appropriate Apple Newsroom post. You will find the official media/press contact numbers.

Media or press contact numbers from Apple Newsroom

Contact Apple customer care via the Apple Support app

Apple Support app for iPhone and iPad is an excellent place to get your problems solved. Start by downloading the app from the App Store. The moment you open it, you have your device details and a list of topics. Choose one from here.

Or, tap <Products to see all your registered Apple devices and select one from there.

Tap on Products Back button to see all your registered Apple devices

To contact an Apple representative choose an appropriate topic and select a sub-topic. You will see the best option and some helpful articles. Scroll to the bottom, and you may see a contact option. Tap one (like Chat or Call) to get help.

How to contact Apple customer care via Apple Support app

How to contact Apple Support on Twitter

You can tweet your problem and tag @AppleSupport. In a few hours, they will most likely reply and ask you to move to Twitter Direct Message or help you with support articles.

Contact Apple Support by tagging them on Twitter

Alternatively, you may also open Apple Support’s Twitter profile and directly send a private Twitter message from there.

Contact Apple Support by sending Twitter DM

How to make an appointment at Apple Store

If your device needs repair or physical inspection, it is recommended that you set up an appointment at the Apple Store (Genius Support as they like to call) or one of the local/nearby Apple-authorized service centers. You can use the web to set up an appointment or the Apple Support app.

Using the Apple Support app

  1. Open the app and select your device by tapping <Products.
  2. Under Topics, choose the appropriate option. Usually, hardware and damage issues are worthy of an in-store visit.
  3. Select an option, and after a few seconds, you will see an option to ‘Bring in for Repair.’ Tap Find Authorized Locations.

    Set up an appointment at Apple Store using Apple Support app
  4. Give the app location access or manually enter the ZIP code.
  5. Next, select the Apple or Apple-authorized shop, choose the date and time, enter your phone number and other details if asked, and reserve your spot.

    Select Store set date and time and reserve your appointment

Via the web

  1. Visit, select your device, and follow the instructions.
  2. Next, choose the problem – for example, Hardware Issues.
  3. When you are presented with ‘How would you like to get help?’ choose to Bring in for Repair.

    Choose Bring in for Repair to schedule an appointment at Apple Store
  4. Enter your ZIP code or use your current location.
  5. Choose the convenient Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider.
  6. Set the date and time, and you are done!

    Enter your ZIP code, choose an Apple Store or Authorized Service Provider and set date and time

    Reservation confirmed at Apple Store

How to find your local Apple Store and visiting hours

Want to visit your local store but do not know the timing? Just head over to Apple’s Find a Store page.

Here, enter your ZIP code or location. You may also use the store name if you know it. On the results page, you will see ‘Opens at 10:00 am’ (or the respective store time). To see the Apple Store address, phone number, directions, full week’s store hours, and more, click one of the store names.

How to find your local Apple Store and visiting hours
See Apple Store address, phone number, directions, store hours, and more

Tip: Do not know which product to buy or need one-on-one in-store assistance? You can request to ‘Shop with a Specialist.’

How to send feedback to Apple

Despite turning off comments on all its YouTube videos, Apple is open to feedback.

If you use the beta version of iOS, iPadOS, or macOS, a Feedback app comes along with it. You can use it to inform them about bugs, etc.

Apple beta Feedback app logo

For regular users, just head over to Apple’s Feedback page and have your say. Most likely, you won’t get a reply from Apple, but they do claim to read all feedbacks.

This is how you can contact Apple Support to get your problems solved. I hope this article helped you.

Tip: Some businesses, including Apple, can also provide certain help (for example, related to Apple Card) via iMessage Business Chat

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