Here is How to Get the Metadata Of Your Photos on iPhone

All photos taken with a modern device such as your iPhone and even most cameras have what is known as metadata encoded into it. Metadata is just a form of structuring data, in this case, EXIF data of the device used to take the photo including the lens, file format, photo resolution and along with other information.

Most of this data is automatically created by your iPhone or camera device, but you also have access to change this data on your PC as you see fit. For example, you can set a ‘Photographer’ metadata field with your name, you can even see and change the ‘Make’ and ‘Model’ of the device used to take the photo amongst others.

How to Get the Metadata Of Your Photos on iPhone

This data isn’t limited to only photos you have taken with your own iPhone or camera; the data is kept even if a photo was taken by someone else and sent to you via email or text. To view a photo’s metadata, you can install the free app called Photo Investigator. There are many similar apps, but Photo Investigator tends to provide a complete range of metadata viewing.

#1. Install the Photo Investigator App

#2. Select your photo library from the lower left of the screen to load your photos.

#3. Select a photo album and then the photo you would like to view the metadata for.

All your photos will have the metadata: file size, file name, file type and resolution.

Depending on device and settings the photo was taken from you can also view metadata: Lens and Camera Model, Shutter Values, GPS Location, and more.

You read right; you can even see the GPS location of where the photo was taken. If this is more data than you’re willing to share you can follow our tutorial on how to remove Geo Data from your photos.

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