How to Find the Size of Files on iPhone and iPad

How to Find the Size of Files on iPhone

Known for its simple and straightforward User Interface, iPhones are one of the simplest smartphones to use. But sometimes in the lure of making things simple, Apple misses out on a couple of features that are hard to figure out later on. Finding file sizes is amongst those features and until recently, we had to take help from third-party applications to do that. Thankfully with iOS 13, you can quickly find file sizes on your iPhone and iPad.

The Shortcuts app that was launched with iOS 12 is a bridge between all the missing features on iPhones and iPads. Moreover, this app also allows you to resize your images and making it all the more useful because images are something that takes up most space in our phones. So, to say that I am bombed with the usefulness of this app would be an understatement. But, keeping my obsession aside, let us focus on how to find the file size on your iPhone and iPad.

How to Check Files Size on iPhone and iPad

Please Note:  Also, this will only work if you have your Notifications preview On.

Step #1. Launch the ‘Shortcuts’ app on your device and tap on Create Shortcut’ to make a new shortcut.

Launch Shortcuts App and tap on plus icon in iPhone

Step #2. Tap on the 3 dots to name the Shortcut and also toggle on the ‘Share Sheet.’

Tap on 3 dots to name Shortcut and Toggle Share Sheet in iPhone

Step #3. From the Share Sheet Types, select all the aspects you wish to choose the file size of like ‘Files,’ ‘Images’ or ‘Media’ etc. and tap on Done.

Select all aspects you wish to choose file size and tap on Done

Step #4. Tap on ‘+’ and search for ‘Get details of file’ and select that action.

Tap on plus and search for Get details of file in Shortcuts App

Step #5. Tap on the highlighted Detail’ and select ‘File Size’ from the pop-up.

Tap on highlighted detail and select file size using siri Shortcuts on iOS device

Step #6. Next, set a notification by adding ‘Show Notification Action.’

Set notification by adding Show Notification Action in Shortcuts App on iPhone

Step #7. You can change the name from ‘Hello World’ to whatever suits you, but don’t forget to add ‘Details of Files’ variable, finally tap on Done.

Choose name add details of files variable and tap on done in in Shortcuts App

It’s time to test it. Open any picture of your choice and from the ‘Share Sheet’ tap on the shortcut you created. A notification will pop-up mentioning the size of the file. You can also do the same to know other details of the file like Date Created, Last modified date, etc.

Check and Find the Size of Files on iPhone

Signing Off…

That’s a wrap, guys. I hope that this tip will help you find out the file size on your iPhone or iPad using Siri Shortcuts App. If you have any issues or troubles with your iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 running devices, then shoot them up in the comments below; we will try and help you troubleshoot them.

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