How to Reduce the File Size of Pictures on iPhone and iPad

With the ever-evolving cameras of our iPhone, we have to deal with the issue of storage shortage after some time. Usually, the photos captured on an iPhone can be anywhere between 2 to 8 MB depending upon the pixels of the image. Since the latest iPhone 11 Series has some bomb camera features like a telephoto lens and slofies. Follow along with the steps in this post to learn how to reduce the file size of photos on your iPhone and iPad.

Using this method you can resize the images according to your preferences. So, if you are looking forward to getting that fantastic family portrait printed then consider sizing it to the highest quality using these steps so that you can avoid a blurry or pixelated image.

How to Reduce Photos File Size on iPhone and iPad

How to Reduce Picture File Size Using Image Size App on iOS Device

For the purpose of this guide, I am using the Image Size App to reduce image size but you can use any.

Step #1. Launch the Image Size App on your iPhone.

Launch Image Size App on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on the top left image icon and ‘Allow Access’ to your photo library.

Step #3. Select the photo you wish to reduce size and tap on Choose.

Step #4: Now, the app automatically reduce the photo file size, you can see the size difference (1.37 MB → 302.64 KB).

Reduce the photo file size using iOS Image Size app

Step #5. Finally, tap on the Download button to save reduce photo in your Photo library.

Tap on download to save reduce photo on you iPhone

How to Reduce Photo File Size Using Shortcuts App on iPhone

Before we start with this process make sure that your iPhone or iPad is running iOS. And that the Allow untrusted shortcuts Settings is toggled on. It not you can do so by SettingsShortcuts → Toggle ONAllow Untrusted Shortcuts‘.

Step #1. Download Change image quality and share shortcut on your device. And hit the link given below and tap on Get Shortcut → Tap on Add Untrusted Shortcuts on the pop-up dialogue (This will add the shortcut directly to your Shortcuts App).

Download Change Image Quality & Share Shortcut in iPhone

Step #2. Launch the Shortcuts App on your device and tap on the shortcut that you just added. This will ask you to give access to your photos library, you have to tap on ‘Allow Access’ on the pop-up.

Open Downloaded Shortcuts on iPhone

Step 3. Once you have allowed access you can choose the image you wish to reduce size. Once the selection is made tap on Done.

Choose Image to Reduce Size and Tap on Done on iPhone

Step 4: Choose the size that suits you the best and a share sheet will appear, tap on ‘Save‘ and the image will create a new image of the resized quality.

Reduce Image Size Using Shortcuts App

It is done and you can now delete the earlier pictures.

Signing Off…

I hope I was able to help you out with this tutorial. Let me know if you have any other way of resizing picture file size on your iPhone or iPad. Either, save space on your device or increase the file size and get your memories printed its all up to you now.

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