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iGBAppsCircleboom iOS app review: An easy way to manage your Twitter

Circleboom iOS app review: An easy way to manage your Twitter

Twitter has become an important tool for business and personal branding. And while regular activity matters, strategies also play a big role. Circleboom could lend you the insights and analytics necessary to develop the strategies to strengthen your Twitter account.

Circleboom houses several tools to help you understand your audience and predict what they’ll like. Plus, see what’s trending, analyze what your peers are doing, and more in a few taps.

Read the review to know more about these tools and how you can use Circleboom to excel at the Twitter game.

Get more from your Twitter with the Circleboom iOS app

You might tweet all you want, all day long, but if it’s not reaching your target audience, it will never be good enough. Thus, instead of hard work, you need to do smart work and get on the right side of the Twitter algorithm.

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Well, it is certainly easier said than done. However, Circleboom can help you do exactly that and more. The platform can help you understand the current state of your Twitter account and how you can further improve your strategies.

Circleboom is available as an iOS app (iPhone) and a browser version (Mac or Windows), allowing you to track your Twitter from a device of your choice. As for tools, let’s check out what they can do for you.

More in-depth insights 

The first step is to know your audience, aka your followers. And I don’t mean being on a first-name basis, but to know whether they are fake (bots), spammers, inactive, overactive, verified accounts, or eggheads (an account without profile pictures that are locked or suspended).

Circleboom gives you more Twitter follower insights

Furthermore, you can even filter accounts by the language the users speak and whether they follow you or not. Talking about followers, you can even check who’s following who. You can search for an account and see their following and followers list.

See and filter other Twitter users followers with Circleboom

You can even apply several filters to these lists and find some interesting insights into the followers and friends of other accounts.

More helpful analytics

After zeroing in on your target audience, the next step is to apply some growth hacks and zero in on

  • Best time to tweet – When is your audience most active, and when will you get the most engagement.
  • Interest clouds – What topics/keywords are your followers following, retweeting, and more.
  • Your tweet statistics – Check how your posts are performing over time.
  • Follower stats
    • Growth rate
    • Language preference
    • Gender

The great thing is that you are not bombarded with numbers and stats. In fact, Circleboom breaks down the data and represents bite-sized, easily readable graphs. And whether you want to monitor your followers daily, weekly, or monthly, there are ways to do that.

Additionally, you can export the analytics data as text in PDF, HTML, XLSX, CSV, JSON, or as an image in PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF format.

More effective search

Why stop at the audience you have when you can find the target audience with Circleboom’s smart search. Notably, when you search for a keyword and hashtag, the platform searches Twitter profiles, bios, and tweets, allowing you to spot people with similar interests easily.

Circleboom enables advance keyword search

And this is in addition to the basic trending hashtag tracking, so you’re not missing anything or anyone. The feature also incorporates a neat Twitter lists tools, wherein you can categorize verified accounts, followers, friends, and more.

More control of your tweets

Now that we have filtered our followers, it’s time to turn the arrow at our tweets, retweets, and likes. Very insightfully, Circleboom lets you see, filter, sort, and bulk delete previously liked tweets or retweets and that too in just one click.

Manage your Twitter account better with Circleboom

Moreover, you also get the liberty to view and erase the Twitter archive via date range, language, media,

The overall experience

Circleboom packs a lot of features. However, when an app does too much, it complicates things. Thankfully and I must say remarkably, Circleboom doesn’t do that. Both the iOS app and web interface are minimal yet fun.

I especially love the pop of colors and unique graphics used throughout. To ease things further, the webpage also boasts several feature introduction and tutorial pages for the web interface, including some videos.

However, I couldn’t find iOS app-specific tutorials. And while you won’t necessarily need tutorials, it could have been better to have it anyways.

Circleboom tweet worthy or not?

The Circleboom Twitter tracker is a smooth app to gather more insights for your Twitter account and figure out a personalized growth hack. Yes, there is no AI tool to help you crack the code, but because the data and graphs are quite extensive, you won’t really miss it.

Also, I haven’t seen an AI do as well or even at par with handling a social media account, so maybe it’s a good thing. Although I faced a pretty silly issue, both my app and the webpage logged me out quite frequently. And logging in repeatedly wasn’t that fun.


  • Freemium with various limits
  • Pro – $11.99/mo
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