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The much-awaited Apple Pay Cash is finally available with iOS 11.2 or later. Also dubbed as “Peer-to-Peer” money transfer, it allows you to send/receive money using iMessage. To get started; first, you need to set up Apple Pay Cash on your iPhone.

Using Apple Pay Cash, you can send up to $3,000 at once. If you use debit card registered in your Apple Wallet, you won't have to pay anything for the transaction. More after the jump:

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How to Use Apple Pay Cash on iPhone

How to Use Apple Pay Cash on iPhone

You Need to Know:

  • The transaction is free if you use Apple Pay cash with a debit card.
  • However, if you use the credit card, you will have to pay a standard 3% credit card fee on the amount.
  • You will be asked to verify your identity at certain points while using Apple Pay Cash. You must do it else you won't be allowed to use the full functionality of Apple Pay Cash.
  • If you send $500 in Apple Pay Cash transactions, you have to verify your identity.
  • You are allowed to send up to $3,000 at once. Currently, it's available in the USA only.

How to Set Up Apple Pay Cash on iPhone

To set up Apple Pay Cash, you must enable 2-factor authentication for Apple ID. Besides, you need to have a credit or debit card registered in your Apple Wallet. Make sure you have iPhone 6 or newer running iOS 11.2 or later. Your paired Apple Watch must be running watchOS 4.2 or later.

Step #1. Open Settings app on your iPhone.

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Step 2. Now, you need to tap on Wallet & Apple Pay. Then, turn on the switch that's right next to Apple Pay Cash.

Step #3. Now, tap on Apple Pay Cash card.

Step #4. Next, you need to tap on Continue. Then agree to the terms and conditions.

Now, your Apple Pay Cash card will be created.

Step #5. Finally, you have to connect it with your bank's debit card. To do so, you need to scan your Debit card with your iPhone camera.

That's it! You have rightly enabled Apple Pay cash on your device.

How to Send/Receive Apple Pay Cash Using iMessage

Once you have set up Apple Pay Cash, send or receiving money is pretty easy to do. Jump over to this guide to get it done.

How to Transfer Apple Pay Cash to Your Bank Account

Apple allows you to transfer up to $3,000 per transfer ($20,000 within a seven-day period) from Apple Pay Cash to your bank account. You can transfer your money to a bank account in the United States. Jump to this post.

How to Manage Apple Pay Cash Account on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

You can comfortably manage your Apple Pay Cash on your device. For instance, you can disable the account on any device, view the transaction history, and even close the account if you don't want to use it anymore. Read this post for more information.

That's it!

Wrapping Up:

P2P has made it pretty simple to transfer money. So, if you ever find your wallet a bit short on cash, don't fail to request your friend for some bucks quickly. Let us know your feedback about it in the comments below.

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