In our personal and professional life, we often come across nice people. We exchange contacts and promise to remain in touch with each other. But do we stay connected or remain communicative to each other effectively? In most cases, we either fail to stay connected or aren't able to maintain good communication. As a result, our personal network doesn't grow beyond a certain boundary.

It's been a few years since I started to build my network of people. Though I am pretty satisfied with the good number, I haven't touched the magical figure. While looking for an app that can help in maintaining hundreds of contacts and strengthen communication, I came across “Switchit” which is claimed to be a top contact sharing and personal network manager app. Did it pass my acid test?

Switchit Contact Sharing iPhone App

Switchit Productivity App for iPhone: Perfect for Contact Sharing and Personal Network Managing

Share Your Contact Information Instantly

Switchit is the brainchild of Co-founder and COO, W. Tammy Robinson. The app makes contact sharing very easy; simply enter person's phone number tap send, and your contact details are instantly sent to their phone. His/her number will be automatically saved in the app. It's a very useful feature as you won't have to follow round about ways to share any contact.

Share Contact Details using SwitchIt iPhone App

Many a time I come across like-minded people with whom I exchange contacts. The process being so straightforward, I don't have to dig deep into the settings just to exchange contacts. Besides, the ability to auto-capture people's phone number saves me precious time and takes away the pain of data entry.

Dynamic Business Card

Based on your profession or the information you want to share with people, you can create a suitable profile. For example, if you are a businessman, you can create a fitting profile that can be an impressive representation of yourself. Additionally, you can create a profile of your personal self, social self, and more.

Create Business Card using SwitchIt iPhone App

Your digital business card is ever ready, easily accessible and can be shared with optimum ease. This is exactly what you would want while interacting with people.

Perfect Personal Network Manager

Switchit can immensely help you in growing your personal network. Whether it's scheduling meetings, adding notes in order to follow up with people or calling contacts right from within the app, it ensures you have all the necessary ways and means to manage everything with aplomb.

The integration with Apple and Google calendars offer you the desired comfort to take control of scheduling events without any hassle.

Schedule Event in Switchit iPhone App

Managing a network of hundreds of people can be a tedious task. But with this app, you won't have any problem in keeping everything in sync.

Social Media Integration

The social media integration enriches the quality of this app. There are several options available like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube through which you can remain connected with people. The multiple options provide you just the convenience you would expect to stay tuned with different people through the different medium. For example, if someone is a great fan of Snapchat, he/she would be very pleased if you communicate with this social networking app.

Social Media Profiles Options in SwitchIt iPhone App

Some of my friends spend more time on Linkedin than any other mediums. Therefore, I use this app to stay connected with them. And there are guys who are crazy about listening music. Hence, I find Soundcloud just the right option to keep in touch with them.

The Verdict

Switchit is an impressive productivity app which is designed to make contact sharing an incredibly easy task. In a nutshell, it works as a complete digital business card. And with handy tools like social media integration, it lets you manage your network elegantly.

Whether you are a salesman, business professional or a college student, you would find it a must.

“Personally, the one thing I like most about Switchit is its easy-to-use functionality. Being so user-friendly, it struck a positive chord with me right from the onset.”

Price: Free
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