All the Cool Secret iPhone Codes You Must Know

I guess most of you would like to know these coolest secret codes for iPhone for carrying out several things in a jiffy. Dive right in to have a glance at them and let us know which one is the most interesting!

Recently, the cellular connection of my iPhone was playing hide and seek. So, I decided to take the help of “Field Test Mode” to find out the real status of the signal. That’s when some of the other unique iPhone secret codes struck my mind. And guess what, today I’m all set to share those coolest codes with you!

So, why do you need to know the hidden iPhone codes? Well, you can use these quick codes to carry out quite a few things faster. Whether you want to access location traffic conditions or call someone anonymously, they can become your go-to option. Want them in your disposal right now? Let’s take a peek at them!

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The Unique iPhone Secret Codes You Must Know

Note: Some codes work only in the USA.

Hide Caller ID: *67#mobile number

There are times when you might want to call anonymously to prevent anyone from viewing your mobile number. It can also come in handy when someone deliberately doesn’t receive your call. If you ever want to do so, simply use your country code before dialing the number.

Keep in mind, not all the countries allows users to hide their Caller ID. Hence, you might not see this option.

Show Your Number on Caller ID: Code *82

What if you always keep your Caller ID hidden and wish to show it only to specific people? Well, there is also an option to get it done. To do so, use code *82 before dialing the number.

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Check Your IMEI Number: *#06#

Each smartphone comes with unique IMEI that stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It’s used for several purposes like blacklisting stolen phones or tracking down a certain device.

So, when you need to quickly view your iPhone’s IMEI number, just dial *#06#.

Get Local Traffic Information—511

Just in case, the popular navigation apps like Google Maps and Apple Maps aren’t showing the accurate location information or you don’t have the Internet connection to use them, this secret iPhone code can come in handy. To get the latest local traffic info, all you need to do is call 511.

View Your Data Usage

To ensure my data usage doesn’t fall short before the deadline, I keep track of the data usage. And from what I have experienced Following are the data tracking codes of the three most popular carriers in the USA.

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  • AT&T: *3282#
  • T-Mobile: #932#
  • Verizon: #3282

Check SMS center: *#5005*7672#

If you ever find SMS not working on your device, you can make the most of this unique code (*#5005*7672#) to check the SMSC (short message service center). Whenever you send any text message, it first goes to SMSC via a specific number that can be useful in resolving the SMS issue on your device.

Check Actual Signal Strength on iPhone: *3001#12345#*

Many a time, the signal bars don’t accurately show the actual signal strength on iPhone. Even though the signal bars would show that the signal is in good condition, the reality would be completely different. However, there is a hidden feature called “Field Test Mode” that lets you see the real signal strength in decibel milliwatts on your iPhone.

Calling Line Presentation: *#30#

You guessed it, didn’t you? *#30# is the code you need to instantly find out whether you have enabled or disabled Call Line Presentation aka your mobile number!

Calling Line ID Restrictions Disable: *#31#

This code Disables the calling line ID restrictins. This one comes very handy while call failed on iPhone.

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Call Forwarding : *#21# for Checking Out Status

I have used this call forwarding iPhone code for long and always found it worth using. You can dial *#21# to check the status of call forwarding.

While *21# code lets you enable or disable call forwarding, *21mobilenumber# code allows you to divert calls to this a specific number.

Call Waiting: *#43# –For Checking Status

I often forget the current status of Call Waiting. And use this *#43# to find out. So, I can tell that it’s pretty neat.

You can use *43# to enable Call Waiting and #43# to disable Call Waiting.

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That’s all!

Your picks?

Now that you have glanced through all the above-mentioned codes let us your picks. And yes, if you know any such fine tricks, do tell us about them as well.

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