Essential iPhone Tips You Need to Know to Master Your Phone

Tips to Use iPhone Like a Pro

Whether used for work, personal reasons, entertainment, or all the above, our iPhones have become an essential and integral part of our everyday lives. However, it’s incredibly surprising to see how many people continue to use their devices in their default factory settings.

While iPhones could be described as quite rigid, especially when compared to Android devices, there are plenty of ways you can adjust your iPhone to give yourself the best experience. Today, we’re going to explore a multitude of tips you need to know.

Essential Tips to Use your iPhone Like a Pro

Customize iPhone Control Center

Customize iPhone Control Center

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to make your Control Center your Control Center. You know, that menu you can flick up to turn your data on and off?

“Simply tap on Settings menu and tap the Control Center option and you’ll be able to mix and match what you want to appear in this menu, allowing you to put all your favorites within easy reach,” shares Stacey King, a technologist for Writinity and Last Minute Writing.

Hands-Free Emails/Messages

Read Mail and Message Using Siri on iPhone

If you’re ever busy doing something, such as driving or cooking or trying to look after your kids or whatever it is, one of the handiest features that iPhones offer is being able to keep you informed without using your hands.

For example, Siri is capable of reading your entire email messages aloud simply by using the “Siri, read me my emails” command. You can do this for text messages as well by saying “Siri, read me my messages.”

Using a Trackpad

Use iPhone Keyboard as Trackpad

Are you finding it challenging to select the certain bit of text to highlight or to try and correct a certain mistake? If you long-press and hold any part of the keyboard, it will turn into a trackpad. This means you’ll be able to use it as a laptop trackpad, making it far easier to select and highlight text with accurate precision.

Strengthen Your Passwords

Use Strong Passcode on iPhone

“We all have so much information about ourselves stored on our phones, and access to so many accounts in which we live our lives, it’s vital that nobody with malicious intent is able to access them, which is why it’s so important to use strong passwords,” explains Natalie Red, an IT support technician for Draft Beyond and ResearchPapersuk.

This is why the iPhone gives you the ability to replace the standard numbered passcode settings, and instead use a mixture of words, letters, numbers, and symbols. When setting a new passcode, simply select passcode options to make the change.

Fast Undo

Undo Quickly on iPhone

On pretty much any screen or app on your iPhone, if you make a mistake, you can just shake your device as a way of undoing your last action. This works on a lot of apps for undoing the last pressed option or settings, or as a backspace if you’re correcting the text you’ve written out.

Optimize Your Sleeping Pattern

Using the built-in Bedtime mode, simply tap in how often you want to sleep, how long for and what time you want to get up, and your phone will take care of the rest. It will tell you when you need to go to bed, what time you should be waking up relating to that time, and it can even analyze the quality of each sleep!

Optimize Your Days

Use Reminders on iPhone

As you go about your day, you may be setting specific reminders to help you remember and stay up to date with everything you have to do. However, you can make this even better by setting your reminders up, so they trigger when you leave or arrive at a precise location via GPS.

For example, once your phone detects you’re at the supermarket, it can remind you to buy milk, ensuring you never forget anything ever again.

That’s all, folks!

Signing off…

The more you explore your iOS device, the cooler features you will dig out. Hence, keep exploring your iPhones and iPads, and surprise yourself with excellent features.

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