How to Find the Owner of a Lost iPhone/iPad

Be a guy people see as a savior or God sent by delivering them their lost iPhones and iPads. Read on to learn how you can find the owner of a lost iPhone or iPad, in case you come across a lost device.

No one likes to lose his precious device like iPhone or iPad. Nor does anybody want his personal device to be under anyone’s control. If you ask people what it feels like to lose something, the most common answer you’d get is-it’s awful!

Have ever been unlucky to lose your iPhone? If yes, you must have experienced the pain exactly how it feels like.

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How to Find the Owner of a Lost iPhone or iPad

Supposing you find someone’s lost iPhone somewhere and you want to return his device as soon as possible, how will you do that? Will it be easy to find the right owner of the lost iPhone for you? Generally, most iPhone owners use the passcode on their device to protect their device.

However, if you find passcode being disabled on the lost device which you have found, it would be quite easy to find the original owner of the iDevice.

Here are some tricks that can really help you. Let’s have a look!

If the iPhone/iPad has Passcode Disabled

If you find an iPhone/iPad with no passcode enabled then you can honestly check into their privacy such as Contact app, or Recent calls. From which, you can get the best possible ways to find the original owner of the device.

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If the owner has saved his personal detail, then you can find it on the contact list. Go to the contact list and find “me.” If you get the details of the owner, then find the owner’s email ID and send him an email informing that his lost iPhone/iPad is with you.

In case you do not find his personal detail then check the contact number of his relatives. Generally, people save their relatives; number, referring to “Mom,” “Dad.” If the person has not mom or dad then go to his message inbox and find out the person who he regularly chats with, though it will be the intrusion of privacy.

If the iPhone/iPad has Passcode Enabled

If the iPhone has the passcode enabled, then it will be a bit tough to find the original owner, though all the options are open. Let’s give it a try. Launch “Siri” and ask for the owner’s detail.

Ask Siri, “Who does this Phone belong to?” if the owner has enabled Siri to get his personal detail then it will definitely provide you the personal details of the owner. Alternatively, you can ask Siri to “Call Mom, Dad or Home,” if contact is saved on these names then Siri can help you call them.

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Keep the iPhone/iPad “On”

If you are still not able to get the original owner of the iPhone/iPad, then keep the device “ON” so that the owner of the device can call. Even his relatives or friends may call on the number and you can easily inform them that you have his lost device.

Connect the device to iTunes on Computer

We think you may have found the original owner. If you are still not able to find the owner of the device, then connect it to iTunes on your computer. You will find the owner’s name along with his number.

Note: “Siri” in iPhone works only when the Internet in the device is on. So, make sure that the mobile data is ON otherwise go with the alternate option given below.

Alternate Option

You may contact the police or the Carrier’s Store but both may be tricky. Police may treat you as if you were a thief while the Carrier Store may not give the owner’s detail easily. So, you’d have to be at the best of your humanity.

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That’s all, guys!

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