How to Turn on Lost Mode on iPhone and iPad

You can turn on Lost Mode on your iPhone or iPad to view its location and also display a message on the Lock screen so that if someone finds your device can contact you.

One of the most terrible things one can ever experience is losing an iPhone. So, what do you do when you don’t find your pricey smartphone anywhere? One of the first things that Apple recommends you to do is to put your iPhone or iPad in lost mode, if you ever happen to, unfortunately, lose it, or someone steals your device.

Thankfully, Apple has made it a bit easier to find the location of the lost iPhone. Besides, you can also display a message on the Lock screen of your device to let the finder contact you via your phone number.

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How to Enable Lost Mode on iPhone or iPad

How to Enable Lost Mode on iPhone and iPad

How to Enable Lost Mode on iPhone and iPad using iCloud

If you don’t have any other device, you can visit to enable Lost Mode on your iPhone.

Step #1. Go to

Step #2. Log in with your Apple Id and Password.

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Sign In to iCloud Account

Step #3. Now click on Find My iPhone icon on the home page.

Click on Find My iPhone in iCloud

Step #4. Click on the green dot on the map.

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Click on Green Circle on Map

Step #5. You can see a message popped up: Your Name’s Phone.

Step #6. Click on the “i” icon.

Click on i Icon Next to Your iDevice Name

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Step #7. You can see three options on the top right of your computer screen: Play Sound, Lost Mode, Erase iPhone.

Options in iCloud for iDevice

Step #8. Click on Lost Mode.

Step #9. A message will pop up asking you to confirm that you want to turn on Lost Mode.

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Step #10. If you had not set up a passcode to protect your device, you would be asked to set a passcode. Follow the procedure to set up the passcode.

Step #11. After setting up the passcode, you need to enter a phone number on which you can be contacted. This is not compulsory, but it is highly recommended to enter your phone number as the person, who has your iPhone now, will contact on this number as the number will be displayed on your Lock screen. Click Next when you are done.

Enter Phone Number to Get Call from Lost iPhone

Step #12. Finally, you can see a default message, “This iPhone has been lost. Please call me.” You can customize this message if you want. Now click Done in the upper right corner to turn Lost Mode on.

Lost Mode iPhone Screen on iCloudEnter Message You Want to Show on Lost iPhone

Once your device is in Lost Mode, it doesn’t display any alerts or make noise when you receive phone calls, messages, or notifications.

When you have found your device, follow the same steps mentioned above and click on Lost Mode. Then, click on Stop Lost Mode and confirm.

How to Put iPhone or iPad into Lost Mode

  • Find My iPhone app lets you find not only your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch but also AirPods.
  • Using Find My iPhone app, you can view your device’ location on a map. Your device will also mark its location when it has a low battery to let you find it.
  • Find My iPhone also lets you play sound on your device to so that you can pinpoint its location.
  • If you have lost your device, immediately put it in Lost Mode to lock it. Then, you will be able to track its location. Find My iPhone displays where the device has been over the last 24 hours.

Step #1. Launch Find My iPhone app on any iOS device and sign in using your Apple ID.

Log into Find My iPhone App on iPhone or iPad

Step #2. When you have logged in, Find My iPhone will show a map along with a list of devices that are linked to your Apple ID. You need to tap into the device you lost.

Tap on iDevice on iPhone in Find My iPhone

Step #3. Tap on the “Actions” button at the bottom of the screen. Then, tap on “Lost Mode.”

Turn On Lost Mode on iPhone or iPad

Step #4. Tap on “Turn On Lost Mode” to confirm.

Put iPhone into Lost Mode

Note: Just in case you hadn’t enabled device passcode on the device you want to turn on Lost Mode, you need to set it up now. You have to type in a passcode and enter the new passcode again to confirm.

Enter Passcode to Put iPhone into Lost Mode

Step #5. You need to enter a phone number through which you will be contacted. It will display on the Lock screen of your device. Tap “Next.”

Enter Mobile Number you Want to Show on Lost iPhone

Step #6. Now, you have to enter a message to display on the Lock screen along with your phone number.

The default message is “This iPhone has been lost. Please call me.” However, you have the option to customize the message. In the end, tap “Done” at the top right corner to activate Lost Mode.

Put iPhone or iPad into Lost Mode

Step #7. Now, your device will be in Lost Mode.

Screen of Lost iPhone or iPad

Now, if anyone tries to connect your iPhone to the computer to restore it, they will be asked to first turn off Find My iPhone.

How to Turn Off Lost Mode on iPhone and iPad

Once you have found your iPhone, you can turn off the Lost Mode.

Step #1. Open Find My iPhone app → Sign in using your Apple ID.

Log into Find My iPhone App on iPhone or iPad

Step #2. Tap on the device with the Lock icon.

Step #3. Tap on Actions → tap on Lost Mode.

Tap on Lost Mode on iPhone or iPad

Step #4. Finally, tap on Turn Off Lost Mode and confirm.

Turn Off Lost Mode on iPhone or iPad

That’s all folks!

Your take:

“Find My iPhone” is a boon for users. Hence, you should always keep it enabled on your device for additional safeguard.

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