How to use Markup on iPad and iPhone in 2022

How to use Markup on iPhone and iPad

iPhone’s inbuilt screenshot tool, Markup is powerful, especially after improvements in iOS 14. It offers a slew of super useful features. You can draw shapes, signatures, blur an image, add text, etc. without a third-party app. However, there’re chances that you might have probably ignored the tool when using your device – it’s the marker tip icon.

If you are unaware of the tool, don’t worry! We have all the basics covered along with some advanced features the tool has to offer. Without more delay, let me show you how to use Markup on iPad and iPhone and get the most out of it.

What does the Markup tool do?

Markup features a range of tools you can use to draw. The brush size, shape, and weight are helpfully delineated by different icons. The pen for sharp and thin lines, a marker for broader strokes, and a pencil for more delicate strokes. Each can be configured for weight and transparency.

Not happy with your Markup? The eraser gets rid of entire strokes in one go. The lasso selection works only after you’ve drawn something with other tools. It allows you to select individual brush strokes and move them around. Further, there’s a broader color palette option if you aren’t happy with the five default options.

Lastly, the plus icon hides some of the Markups’ most useful tools: A signature tool for e-signing your documents, a text box tool, quick shapes, and a magnifier.

Using Markup, you can:

  • Edit Screenshots
  • Sign digital documents
  • Add fun extras to pictures in Messenger
  • Create markups in the Notes app
  • The classic use case: Make minor edits to images in the Photos app

Let’s take a look at these, one by one. Editing screenshots is simple: as we mentioned earlier, merely swiping up from the corner will bring up the Markup interface, allowing you to edit a screenshot on the spot.

How do you bring up the Markup interface on iPhone or iPad?

By taking a screenshot: It’s simple: If you want to use Markup with screenshots, swipe up from the screen’s corner. This’ll take a screenshot and present you with the Markup interface.

By tapping the Markup icon on compatible apps: A range of apps, including Messages, Mail, and Photos, to name a few, have a dedicated Markup button. To access the markup interface in these apps, tap that button in-app.

How to use Markup to put signatures on PDF’s, Documents on iPhone

If you want to sign a document before printing it out, you’ll want to do the following:

Step #1. Open up a PDF or document file.

Step #2. Tap on the Markup icon.

Tap on Markup icon in PDF or Document in iPadOS

Step #3. Next, Tap on Plus button and select the SignatureAdd a Signature if you haven’t already done so → Select the signature in the popup and scale and place the signature where you need it to be.

Use Markup to Put Signatures on PDF's, Documents in iPadOS 13
Sign a PDF Using Markup in iPadOS 13

How to Use Markup in Messages App on iPad and iPhone

You can use Markup tool for a little extra fun in Messages, it’s simple. You’ll need to:

Step #1. Open up Messages app on your device.

Step #2.
Open any conversation or start a new one.

Step #3.
Tap the photo icon and select a photo.

Tap on Photo icon to add Photo in Messages

Step #4.
Tap the photo when it’s in the message and then tap the Markup icon → Use Markup as needed, then tap on Save → Tap on Up arrow blue icon to send.

Select Photo and Tap on Markup in Messages App
Use Markup in Messages in iPadOS 13

How to Markup, Write, and Draw on Photos in iPadOS and iOS 14

If you want to use Markup to make necessary edits to photos:

Step #1. Open Photos app and select a photo.

Step #2. Tap on edit, then the three-dot icon.

Tap on Edit in iPadOS 13 Photos App

Step #3.
Tap on the Markup icon → Use Markup as needed, then tap Done.

Use Markup to Draw, Annotate on Photos in iPadOS

How to Use Markup in Notes App in iPadOS

Step #1. Open up Notes app on your device.

Step #2.
Open an existing note or create a new one.

Step #3.
Tap on the Markup icon and use Markup as needed.

Use Markup in Notes App in iPadOS 13

That’s all for now folks. I hope this detailed guide on using Markup in the new iPadOS has helped you.

Signing Off

Keep in mind, any app that supports Markup functionality will have a markup icon. Tapping on that will bring up the Markup interface for you to use. Well, that’s a wrap. iPadOS 13 features a boatload of added functionality, capable of turning your iPad into a genuine productivity machine. Stay tuned here for more How-to’s!

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