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How to Use Markup to Edit Screenshots on Mac

Markup in the Preview app is one of the most useful tools on Mac that lets you edit pictures meticulously. Having plenty of editing options in Mac’s own toolbox means that you don’t need a third-party application to modify your images. Right after taking a screenshot, sometimes you may want to edit it to specify something on the screen, and that is where Markup tools come in handy. If you haven’t used it, here is our guide on how to use markup to edit screenshots on Mac.

How to Markup a Screenshot on Mac

  1. Open the screenshot you want to markup in the Preview app.
  2. Click on the top-right option – Show Markup Toolbar.

A dropdown menu with all editing tools will appear.

click on pencil button to show markup toobar in preview app on mac

Wide Range of Markup Tools to Edit a Screenshot on Mac

Selection Tools

These tools are distributed into four shapes, Each of them allowing you to select an area in the image to crop, copy, or delete it according to your preferences. You can select an area in the following patterns.

  1. Rectangular Selection
  2. Elliptical Selection
  3. Lasso Selection
  4. Smart Lasso
click on square icon to open selection tools in preview app on mac

Instant Alpha

With this tool, you can select the background in the image and remove it.

use instant alpha tool to select and remove background from screenshot in mac preview app


The feature lets you sketch shapes using a single stroke. If you haven’t drawn a standard shape, it will be automatically replaced by one.

sketch tool to draw shapes on screenshot in mac preview app


You can draw on the image with a single stroke. However, this option is only available in computers using Force Touch trackpads. If you own one, you need to press heavily on the trackpad to draw a darker line.


Click and drag shapes on the image. When you insert a shape, it will be surrounded by blue handles that let you resize it. With the green handle, you can modify its appearance.

Apart from various shapes, including arrow and rectangular, this tool carries two additional features.

  • Loupe: It helps you to magnify an area in the image. You can also adjust the magnifier’s size using the blue handles, while the green dot lets you customize its on shape and select magnifier in preview app on mac
    magnify part of screenshot using magnigier in mac preview app
  • Highlight: You can highlight a particular area in the image using this tool. Adjust its size using the blue handles. Place your cursor on the edge of the highlighter to click and drag it anywhere.
click shapes and select highlighter in preview app on mac
hightlight image area using highlighter in mac preview app

Add Text

It lets you write on the image, then drag the text field anywhere you want.

use text tool to write text on screenshot in mac preview app

Add a Signature

If you’ve previously added a signature, then click and drag it anywhere on the image. Blue dots can help you to resize it. If not added, you can create new using a trackpad, iSight camera, or your iOS device.

use signature tool to add signature to image in preview app on mac

Adjust Color

Adjust the screenshot’s contrast, exposure, saturation, tint, and more. To adjust them automatically, click Auto Levels. To reset to the default, hit Reset all.

adjust color level on image in mac preview app

Adjust Size

Alter your screenshot’s size and resolution.

change screenshot size and resolution in preview app on mac

Shape Styles

Modify the thickness of lines in shapes and personalize them.

change border size of shape in preview app on mac

Border Color

Click on a line of a shape to change its color from the available palette.

change border color of shape in mac preview app

Fill Color

Select a shape to change the color within its edges.

change shape's color in screenshot in mac preview app

Adjst Text Style and Size

From various font styles and sizes to text formation, use this tool to adjust the text you’ve written on your image.

use fonts tool to change text style and size in preview app on mac


The annotate tool on the preview screen turns blue when your computer is connected with an iOS device that will let you customize your screenshot further.

Signing Off…

These are offered by Apple to personalize your screenshot in the Preview app. Aren’t they? Do you think that there are still some features missing in the markup toolbox? If yes, then which are they? Drop their names in the comment section below! You can also markup screenshots on your iPhone and iPad. Pick up our detailed guide on the same.

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