How to Use Markup to Edit Screenshots on iPhone and iPad

how to use markup to edit screenshots on iphone

Markup is a secret asset to all iOS users. It is a picture elucidation platform that has a lot of features and is less complicated to use. First introduced with iOS 10, this feature lets you edit photos and screenshots. Images can even be edited by inserting text, shapes, and handwriting. Significant contracts can also be signed using this tool when you use it as part of your work. So, let’s start to understand how to edit a screenshot with Markup on iPhone and iPad.

How to Edit a Screenshot with Markup on iPhone and iPad

Firstly, you need to take a screenshot on your iPhone and iPad. In case you are not sure about it. Kindly go through our article for the same.

  1. After you are done taking the capture, tap on the small image at your screen’s bottom-left side.
  2. You will see the Markup screen with some tools at the bottomedit screenshot with markup tool on iphone

Sketch Tool

There are some tools available at the bottom of your editing screen. From them, you can choose a pencil or colored pencil if you want to draw or write something on a specific screenshot. In case you have completed sketching, and wish to drag a particular object you’ve drawn, that can be done through the Lasso tool.

use sketch markup tool in screenshot on iphone

Zoom In

You can directly pinch in or out and adjust your screenshot after repeating the steps mentioned above in the pointers.

use zoom-in or zoom-out feature in screeshot on iphone

Add Text to Screenshot

  1. Tap on the Plus icon and choose Text.
  2.  Under the Aa icon, Font size, Names, and Text Orientation options will be seen on the bottom with a series of colors.tap-on-plus-icon-and-then-tap-on-text-and-select-option-to-add-and-customize-text-in-screenshot
  3.  When you tap on text you can see Cut, Delete, Edit, or Duplicate the Text you have just written.add text to screenshot using markup tool on iphone

Add a Signature to a Screenshot

  1. Tap on the Plus icon and then choose Signature.
  2. You can now Add or Remove Signature.
  3. And you will see your signature in the captured document.add signature to screenshot or document using markup tool on iphone
  4. Now, you can move the screenshot to the designated area.

Crop a Screenshot

You can crop the snapshot by adjusting the rectangle formed on the border of your captured work.

crop screenshot with markup tool on iphone

Annotate a Screenshot

  • Pencil or Highlighter can be used to annotate the text. In case you wish to hide the annotated text or permanently delete it, both can be done.hightlight text using markup tool
  • Magnifier is used to enlarge a particular area that has to be highlighted in a particular screenshot for which different color options are available in Markup.use magnifier tool to zoom in specific area of screenshot or document
  • Opacity tool can be used to adjust the transparency of your captured screenshot. It can be increased or decreased as per the user’s requirement.change opacity of image using markup tool on iphone
  • Shapes are useful if you want to highlight a particular area in a rectangular and circular figure.add shapes to screenshot using markup tool on iphone
  • Speech Balloons can be used mostly for graphics and mostly used in comic books, meme to express the thoughts of a particular character.use speech balloons in markup tool on iphone
  • Arrow is mostly used to point to a particular direction showing the user to move their concentration to the designated area.draw arrow on screeshot using markup tool on iphone

Now, you can finally tap on Done to save your existing changes after which you can choose if you wish to save your edited snapshot to Photos or Files.

tap on done and select preferred option to save edited screenshot on iphone

In case, you made a mistake and wish to undo or redo the changes. By tapping on the arrow going backwards, you will undo the changes one by one and tapping on the forward arrow you will redo the same.

tap on arrows to undo or redo changes using markup tool on iphone

Summing Up!!

If you’re searching the same feature for your macOS. Refer to our article.

All I would say is, Why to use third-party apps if we’ve got an inbuilt feature with all the essentials to edit and work on your iPhone. Drop us your views in the comment section below!! We’ll keep you engaged with more such insights on All Things Apple!! Till then, Stay updated and Stay techie!!

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