How to Take Screenshot on Apple Watch: Two Methods Explained

Apple Watch has gracefully adopted quite a few functionalities from iPhone-thanks largely to the seamless integration between the two. And taking a screenshot on the Watch is one of them. Simply put, what Digital Crown and side button are for Apple Watch, Home button and sleep/wake button are for iPhone.

Since Apple Watch is right on your wrist, taking a screenshot of your favorite screen would be a lot easier than before. Here is how it works!

How to Take Screenshots on Apple Watch

Method #1

  • First off; choose the screen which you wish to capture on your Watch
  • Then, click the side button and Digital Crown at once

Method #2

  • Press and hold on the side button.
  • Then without releasing it, quickly click the Digital Crown.

Watch out how to take screenshots on your Apple Watch:

Where Can I Access My Apple Watch Screenshots From

If you are not aware of the mystery regarding where your Apple Watch screenshots are saved, you would wonder where they have gone. Some of you might even assume that perhaps you haven’t been able to take screenshots successfully that’s why you don’t see them on your Watch.

When you take a screenshot on your Apple Watch, it is saved in your iPhone Photos app. As Apple Watch screenshots are small 216×290 for the 42mm, they are transferred instantly to your iPhone.

  • Launch Photos app on your iPhone.
  • Next up, tap on the Photos tab from the bottom left corner.
  • All the screenshots taken with your Watch will appear. You would be able to access your photos from Camera Roll as well. In iCloud Photo Library, your screenshots will be saved under All Photos.

You can share your screenshots just as you share any other photos by tapping on the sharing icon.

It would be better if you could access screenshots on your Apple Watch itself. Hopefully, the next generation of Apple Watch rectifies it; making it more convenient for users. What do you think? Do share your thoughts with us in the comment below.

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