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IntouchApp Contacts iPhone App

We’ve covered quite a bit about transferring contacts safely from one phone to another: mostly like BlackBerry to iPhone, Android to iPhone etc. Somehow, we missed IntouchApp Contacts and now that I’ve tried it, I’m feeling like a total fool. I mean, if you’ve got IntouchApp Contacts installed, there’s nothing else you need to do.

IntouchApp Contacts is a simple contact manager for the iPhone (works on the iPad and iPod Touch too). On its surface, it looks really feature-less – or more like a very simple app that you keep asking, “Is that it? Is it done with whatever it is that it’s supposed to do?” But right underneath this is a truly magical and so simple a way to get your contacts all across any device you’ve got.

IntouchApp is primarily an auto-updating contact manager. If your contacts have installed IntouchApp Contacts, then whatever information they update to their contact details gets automatically pushed to you. So if John changes his home number and he’s on IntouchApp Contacts, you will have that information automatically updated.

Intouchapp Contacts iPhone App Review

These contacts are appended with a ‘*’ to mark them as auto-updating contacts. You needn’t edit them (it’s not recommended).

This is a powerful feature but since the app is relatively new, this particular feature isn’t as useful yet. However, there’s something else that struck gold, another important feature that thousands of users keep looking for.

If you’re switching to an iPhone from an older device that runs BlackBerry OS or Android and you need to transfer the contacts, this app will make the whole process as simple as it can ever be made. What really happens is you just sync the contacts via IntouchApp Contacts and then install the app on your iPhone. Login and voila! All contacts that were synced are on your iPhone now!

I think the app truly helps people switching between devices. For iPhone to iPhone, you’ve got something like iCloud or iTunes sync that takes care of stuff but between various platforms (like Android to iOS or BB OS  to iOS), there’s no clear solution (other than long-winded methods of vcf cards, CardDAV from Gmail Outlook, iTunes etc.)

IntouchApp Contacts’s sync works smooth: you edit your contact on one device and the changes are reflected in all other devices using IntouchApp Contacts almost instantly.

Basically, IntouchApp Contacts is iCloud Contacts that extends to more than just iOS devices.

There are a few missing things like you can’t export contacts in a format but for the features that it has, IntouchApp works pretty good and is mighty useful.

IntouchApp Contacts is free. You may grab it from


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